By: WineJoy  11-29-2009
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 The consulting division of Winejoy specializes  in the design of wine lists; in food and wine pairing and the procurement of the selected wines. We are proud to have some top clients in the country to whom we have and continue to consult. Winejoy first establish the profile of each customer so as to ensure its recommendations are personalized, professional and that the wine offering of the restaurant is exciting and well matched to its food. Our consulting service is tailored to our clients’ requirement, whether they be a game reserve, hotel, restaurant or lodge.  
The advantages of our services are obvious, not only in terms of our extensive experience, but more importantly in the following areas: ·        
Customized wine lists to match the cuisine of the establishment. ·        
We provide descriptions, tasting notes and the layout to produce a quality wine list which add value to the menu offering. ·        
We add prestige value by creating a wine list that can win accolades and awards for your establishment · 
We provide access to every wine producer in the country through a one-stop service and purchase conduit. We provide access to rare and difficult- to- source vintages/products. ·        
We update and refresh your wine  lists on an ongoing basis to keep the list competitive and the wine offering alive and interesting. ·        
We are the importer and also distributor of a large portfolio of international wines and Champagnes. ·        
We manage your wine cellar to ensure that wines are drunk at their optimum drinking time. ·        
We hold Wine tasting events on premises to assist in the marketing of the stocked wines. ·        
We provide staff training for the wines on your wine list. ·        
We have the logistics to send wine anywhere in SA or internationally.
With our Wine Club it is the aim of Winejoy to bring the joy of wine to the discerning food and wine lover and our mission to bring quality food and quality wine together.

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