The Attitude adjuster - Increase Customer Service

The Attitude adjuster - Increase Customer Service from Wilhelm Lombard Leadership Consultant/Coach

By: Wilhelm Lombard Leadership Consultant/Coach  04-11-2011
Keywords: Personal Development, Business Development, Business Coaching

This uplifting personal leadership workshop is for every person who in some or other way work with people (internal and external). It is NOT the ordinary run of the mill “Customer Service” workshop, I rather call it an “Attitude adjuster” workshop,  that will have an impact on personal, interpersonal(relationships) and professional life. I guarantee at least an 80% success rate with this workshop. (See outcomes)


It is not a secret that  people in South-Africa should become  more customer service orientated and productive in general.


Due to the time challenge that we all face we designed a workshop to fit into a morning or afternoon session.

A full day workshop is also available  and provide more opportunity for group discussion and practical work but the shorter version is just as effective.


The methodology we use to present this workshop are scientifically designed in such a way that it touches on all learning styles making retention of knowledge more permanent. It touches the emotional-, spiritual-, physical-, social, intellectual and professional intelligences of each and every individual.

Although this is  a very motivational workshop it is not just a feel good experience that might last for only a few days. In fact this workshop will change those that attend it in such a way that the impact on your organization will be enormous. The more people attending the better the results because people start to influence one another positively.  


We therefore make it as affordable as possible – the more people you enrol for this workshop the “cheaper” it gets  - you will not get better value for money!


Outcomes: a Positive workforce – people start enjoying their jobs again,  people respect one another, productivity and affectivity increase, people  are more goal orientated, reduce wastes and overall   profitability will be increased.  


If you can honestly say that your workforce (each person) operate to his or her full potential then I will honestly say that your organisation does not need this but if the opposite is true, please consider this seriously!

Keywords: Business Coaching, Business Development, Management Training, Personal Development

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