Scrumpets for Dogs

Scrumpets for Dogs from VetvalueShop Online

By: VetvalueShop Online  08-19-2008
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Scrumpets for Dogs are now available Online from . This unique product contains Probiotics , balanced Vitamins, Imino Acids, kapenta fish and garlic plus many other healthy natuaral ingredients like calsium, phoshorus and folic acid.

The Probiotics are Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces. The same Probiotics Woolworths uses in their Yougards. As a matter of fact Scrumpets was the first Probiotic Tablet in South Africa in 1998.

We receive many letters from pet owners indicating that Scrumpets have revitalised there pets. Veterinarians in South Africa also prescribe Scrumpets before and after operations as well as after antibiotic treatment or deworming.

Scrumpets are tasty and dogs take them like children take to Smarties.

You can win a price if you buy 6 Scrumpets Tubs through the Vetvalueshop website. Order, pay and sent Ben an e-mail at and tell him what you think about Scrumpets.

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