ActionCOACH Workshops Presented by Nora Zeelie

ActionCOACH Workshops Presented by Nora Zeelie from The L-EDGE

By: The L-EDGE   10-08-2009
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Time Management

Time is your most valuable resouurce. In this workshop, learn how to use it to your advantage. Budget your time and achieve focus with the default diary. Understand the Five Stages of Managing Workflow. Learn 10 Time Management Techniques Worth Using. You run your schedule, don't let your schedule run you

DISC, VAK & Communications

Knowing how and where people work best can be a very powerful and lucrative tool for Business Owners. Gain a better understanding of your team and learn to maximise the effectiveness of your communications with DISC and VAK. This workshop will show you how

The Game of Leverage

Fund and informative. LEVERAGE will show you how to work your way to increased profits while teaching you how to create a business that works without you, all with play money! The Principles you'll learn from this game will set you up for a lifetime of business success

Sales Made Simple

Develop your own personal approach to selling. Recognise the four different types of Salespeople. Learn why people buy. Gain new strategies for handling objections. See the difference between old and new selling and the impact the Question Funnel can have on your sales process. All this and more is covered in this information packed 2 hour session

Team Building

Take the guesswork our of Recruitment and Development. Maximise employee performance and insure long term staffing requirements are met

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