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By: Storage Management Systems  11-11-2011
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Improve your floor utilization with high density storage racking or shelving. Options include mobile racking and shelving, pallet racking, cantilever and more, options available with accessories to suit every application.

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Static racking; the support you need with standard to heavy duty racking.
There is no need to battle with storage space. Fully adjustable to fit any size warehouse with the maximum of ease. All the components are tested to guarantee strength and durability.

  • Use with Counterbalance, Reach or Turret trucks
  • Can be fitted with timber or steel decks
  • Numerous accessories to suit every application
  • 100% accessibility
  • Utilize your Headroom to a maximum
  • Allows support for heavy-loads
  • No effort to assemble

Turn any storage problem into a storage solution with cost-effective mobile racking systems. Created with high quality materials ensures long-lasting results. Standard shelving is mounted on a mobile base for excellent storage space. Easy to use and maintain and completely safe to utilize.

  • Fit Normal Static Racking onto mobile bases
  • Increase floor utilization by up to 80%
  • 100% accessibility
  • Light-weight with maximum storage capabilities
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Fits small spaces (offices, shops) or larger spaces (factories, hospitals)

Storage system designed to store materials on pallets. High storage density makes this convenient for factories and warehouses. Forklifts can reach heavy loaded pallets with ease. Palletized materials can be stored in horizontal rows with multiple levels.

  • Use Gravity to provide Automatic FIFO operation
  • Separate loading and Off loading for added security
  • Increase Floor utilization by 50%
  • Cost-effective with maximum product quality
  • Safely stores heavy loaded pallets

The pallet mole racking system greatly reduces the chances of any damage to the rack, forklift equipment or product. Greater flexibility than drive-in systems – giving a higher SKU count capacity over the same area.

  • Automatic FIFO or FILO operation without slopes
  • Separate loading and Off loading for added security
  • Efficient storage capacity
  • Fully adjustable
  • Able to withstand heavy-weight pallets with ease
  • Increase Floor utilization by 50%
  • Optimum capital cost per unit stored

Multiple depth storage with support rails to allow forklifts to enter the racks. This makes the drive-in racking system accessible to reach high blocks of pallets.

  • High Density storage at minimum cost
  • Requires large number of stock pallets per SKU
  • Increase Floor utilization by 50%
  • Requires high level of Stock control
  • Easy accessible following the “last-in-first-out” principle
  • Ideal for cooler or freezer applications
  • Up to 80% less space than selective storage racks
  • Requires smaller number of stock pallets per SKU
  • High Density storage in Lanes up to 5 Deep
  • Increase Floor utilization up to 50%
  • FIFO operation per lane

This system is easy to assemble and adjustable - best option when your company is looking for future expanding. Efficient and economical option for the storage of furniture, tubes, timber, steel frames and other heavy loads.

  • To Store Long Length Loads
  • Use Side Loaders or 4 Way Trucks
  • Utilize Height with Safety
  • Abbilty to store long loads such as steel pipes and timber
  • Single or double sided racking on offer
  • Maximum resistance with maximum storage capacity

By using the most advanced high-tech technology, the mobile shelving system is mechanically operated to move the mobile shelving in the required direction. This makes high-density storage effortless and effective and the ideal storage solution for schools and offices.

  • Place Shelving on Mobile Bases
  • For Small parts and Archive Storage
  • Increase floor utilization up to 50%
  • Increased security and less fire risk
  • Facilitate space-saving
  • Provide greater access
  • Can be closed up and locked to keep sensitive or valuable items safe

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