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By: Smartman  11-11-2011
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We are almost certain that you are having sleepless nights because of all the costs it takes to start a business, no matter how small. There are: Registration costs, cost to set up some kind of infrastructure, administration, marketing, salaries, operations, advertising, internet access, cell phones…and so the list goes on and on! Due to this and the general expensive nature of Labour Consultants, business owners of small startup companies normally shift labour law training to the back of their minds.

I mean, how difficult can it be to manage your employees? Many fall in this trap and by simply ignoring some easy basic steps, one’s business can easily be under enormous strain when employees start complaining at the CCMA or bargaining Council. Understanding the enormous responsibility to start a small business and the importance of positive labor relations, Smartman Consultants have introduced two exciting new products that is incomparable in service and in price, introducing a CLASSIC PLUS service for small businesses.



You may notice that some functions on this website is blocked and you do not have access to it. We have launched an online office, specially designed for the small business owner! For only R250 per month, full access to this website allows you to:

  • A permanent online Labour Consultant. You can ask as many questions as you like! Unsure about how to deal with a certain matter –ask a consultant! Answers are given within 48 hours!
  • Training on all basic forms of discipline and how to implement it;
  • Training on how to construct charges technically accurate;
  • Documentation you can print to use. These include written warnings, hearings documents, termination documents, notice to attend a hearing and many more!
  • Study courses. Print a 50 page book that will train you how to chair a hearing!
  • Case Law that gives you labour court and CCMA judgments on all basic incidents mostly applicable in the workplace.

This is an absolute amazing offer to any business owner who has to skill himself! So, why not get some professional help along the way!
Upon registration, which includes a R250 non refundable administration deposit, you will receive an username and password. You can change your password on the site. You will then have access to all these service at a touch of a finger!

This service is ideally designed for your small to medium size organization, where the employer prefers a holistic approach to Labour Relations. As can be seen on the service catalogue, this service offers a wide variety of specialities, to the comfort of the employer.

At a small monthly retainer fee, the employer enjoys all the benefits of the Digital Labour Relations functions as well as the added benefit of inclusivity. Some exciting services included are:

  • Drafting of Employment Contracts;
  • Yearly formal Labour Relations Training with course material and DVD;
  • Free DVD copy with five Labour Relations titles valued at R1800!
  • Free online study courses;
  • Monthly visits and assistance to management;
  • Chairing of any Disciplinary enquiries;
  • Assistance and representation at the CCMA / Bargaining Councils;
  • Drafting of Disciplinary Codes;
  • Drafting of Employment Contracts;

This exciting service has as its aim to empower the employer and to assist in a full Labour Relations function. Even though representation at the Labour Courts are not included in this package, such assistance could be provided as and when required by one of our affiliates.

An exciting opportunity for any person that need to have a better understanding of Labour Relations and how to deal with common incidents in the work place. Training is in class format, presented with DVD footage and course material. Course takes place over a period of one day and includes:

  • How to chair a disciplinary hearing;
  • Illness and Injury;
  • Poor performance;
  • Misconduct;
  • Retrenchments

A minimum of 5 attendees is required for role play purposes.

Smartman Consultants assists both employers and employees, however do so in an ethical manner. Clients are fully coached and trained on the proceedings of the CCMA or Bargaining Council. We guide our clients through the Conciliation and Arbitration proceedings and also take care of all relevant administration. Smartman Consultants is a member of the AHI Employers organization. This service excludes assistance with Labour Courts, however the company can provide such service through its affiliates upon request.

This is an exciting program that differentiates Smartman Consultants in the industry.
Upon registration as a client (excludes Classic clients), Smartman Consultants will meet management of clients on a monthly basis to review disciplinary files and advise on technical procedures. The aim is that of consultation, which is an excellent opportunity for face-to-face management training and development. The primary focus is to walk the road with our client and not only be available when a hearing has to be done or a case has to be defended at the CCMA or Bargaining Council. An excellent way in transferring skill and knowledge.

As the employment contract, generally, is the starting point in an employment relationship, Smartman Consultants are skilled in the drafting of employment contracts that suite your needs.
Smartman Consultants also assist with the drafting of disciplinary Codes and Code of Conducts.

As many managers are often unsure of how to conduct a disciplinary enquiry, Smartman Consultants have professional people that can assist with this process and make it as easy a process for any client.


Smartman Consultants use professional Attorneys that can assist you with liquidations of companies and close corporations as well as sequestration of natural persons.

Smartman Consultants can assist with registrations and incorporating companies and close corporations, amendments to companies and close corporation i.e. registered documents etc. general assistance and advice on related matters.

Smartman Consultants can assist companies with the drafting of shareholders agreements.

Smartman Consultants can assist clients with the drafting of association agreements for close corporations.

Smartman Consultants can assist companies with drafting of various specific agreements according to clients’ requirements, assistance and advice.

Smartman Consultants have professional Attorneys that can assist with unopposed and opposed divorces, maintenance and general family law

Attorneys can assist with contracts, advice and litigation.

Smartman Consultants provides, through the assistance of professional Attorneys, Magistrate’s court and High court litigation.

Understanding the difficulty of retrieving payments. Clients are assisted with the collection of monies due and owing to clients.

Understanding the nature and consequences of debt. Assistance with debt counseling and debt restructuring can be provided.

Keywords: Drafting, employment, Labour Law

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