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By: SishaFax Fax2Email  12-21-2009
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SishaFax is a complete digital fax solution that facilitates the receiving and sending of faxes via email. SishaFax provides the benefits of email without losing the advantages of conventional faxing. No new hardware or software is required. 

Why use SishaFax  
Easy Implementation and Usage
• No paperwork, hardware or software is required, resulting in a fast and hassle-free activation.
• Faxes can be managed as emails.
• Store and archive faxes electronically, without the scanning process.  

Efficient and Effective
• A Fax2Email line is never engaged as we manage and monitor capacity.
• If a client’s email server is down, faxes will queue.
• Faxes remain confidential as they are delivered directly to the intended recipient.  

Provides Cost Savings
• No Telkom fax lines, with associated expenses, are required.
• No stand-alone fax machines, with relevant maintenance and rental fees, are required.
• Save money on paper and toner since faxes are delivered electronically.  

Fax2Email is free of charge to all clients  
• Activation is free • Training is free
• Support is free
• Maintenance is free
• The entire inbound solution is free

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