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By: Silverbridge  11-11-2011

Loans Solutions

We are able to meet the systems requirements of our clients across the spectrum of interest-bearing asset portfolios – from advances of only a few weeks in duration to ultra-long development finance loans, assets leasing and rental as well as debtor factoring:

At the one end of the scale: companies providing ultra short-term finance to buyers, sellers and estate agents involved in a property sale. These are high-volume, fast-moving deals of low to medium value size.

At the other end: development finance institutions providing ultra long term finance for infrastructure projects at low interest rates, repayable in 6-monthly or annual redemptions spanning 25 to 40 years or longer.

Market Sectors

Sector Details
Enterprise Finance

Parastatal enterprise finance institutions
Large corporates who assist their SME's
Enterprise Development Intermediaries

Mortgage Finance

Mortgage lenders
Parastatal housing finance enterprises
Property developers

Furniture Resellers

Furniture sold on extended credit terms

Vehicle Financiers

Independent financiers and intermediaries to Banks

Asset finance

Providers of office equipment and other asset types on rental & operating lease terms

Agricultural Co-ops

Agricultural equipment sold on extended credit terms

Savings & Loans Co-ops

Tier 3 & Co-operative Banks in South Africa and Savings & Loans institutions elsewhere

Personal Finance

Consumer goods financed on extended credit Personal loans / credit provided

Property Rentals

Property rental portfolio administration

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