By: Sable Tecno Quip  11-11-2011


Design, development, construction & installation of electrical circuits, protection & anti-theft systems is a part of the capabilities of STQ division :Electrical circuits :
Motor control centers, local stop start stations, panels and all associated equipment can be supplied and installed. These circuits can be done for 220V, 380V & 550V.Protection :
Protection against over current or under current, soft start systems on high kilowatt systems, telemetric phone units for remote monitoring and setting of equipment and adjustments together with remote stop/start phone facilities which can all be linked to a common control room panel.Anti-theft systems :
Systems can be designed, developed and installed for the protection of cables, motors and equipment against theft. This can be offered with a siren at strategic places or with telemetric systems at remote area’s where cell phones can be dialed to warn against tampering or theft of equipment. The user will have to sign a two (2) year Contract with the GSM telemetric service provider.Electric motor re-wiring and maintenance :
Rewiring is sub-contracted but general maintenance of motors is done at our premises. Second hand motors are sometimes required to save cost and STQ have outsourcing facilities to buy and supply.