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I am offering my services as a restaurant consultant to those who are just starting out and require a turnkey operation, or the seasoned restaurateur that has become shop blind and requires some new eyes, fresh recipe’s and food presentation with new direction and passion. Have a look at the services listed below and think on areas that your restaurant might need improvement on or areas that might require specific attention in your store or new venture. Turnkey Solution A turnkey solution is the whole bag. That is everything from the initial conception, hiring of employees, menu design, costing and store planning up to the store opening and hand holding through the first months opening. Depending on various factors (licensing, construction requirements etc.) the duration of my involvement can be anything from two to six months. Due Diligence & Appraisal Let the buyer beware. If you need to know the value of a business or the probability of it surviving after you have purchased it. Menu’s Your menu together with the look feel and location of your business is of utmost importance and special care and attention must be given to its content and presentation. • Menu planning • Recipe’s • Product Manual • Method • Menu engineering • Costing • Food Presentation Staff Audit Staff auditing is required from time to time in order to ensure that employees toe the line and as a tool for management to asses skills and areas where employees might require some further training. The parts of the audit is as follows. • Performance evaluation - presentation, hygiene, attitude, product knowledge, body language, team work. • Labour efficiency Financial Audit This audit is designed to asses the financial well being of the operation and is critical information that you should know on a daily basis. • Break Even Analysis – The point where income covers overhead expenses. • Food Cost Audit –What your food cost percentage and contribution margin is. • Budgets - Labour, food cost, cleaning, marketing, maintenance, uniforms, smalls and equipment. Management Audit In this audit I will asses the effectiveness of owners and management in dealing with clients and staff as well as their day to operation of their restaurant pertaining to: • Stock Control • Systems • Opening and closing procedures • General Good practise Front of House Audit A front of house audit is used to access the general appeal of the restaurant and service area as well as the: • General service • Ambience • Floor plan and effectiveness • Phone answering procedures • Customer service • Team work Food Quality And Presentation Used to asses the quality and specifications of meals served as well as the plate presentation. Market and Competitor Audit Analysis of current food and restaurant trends. Important information to stay current and ahead of competitors. • Price comparison with main competitors • Area going rate for main line items • Visibility • Menu comparisons Product Manual Required to for consistency, training and costing • Recipe cards • Product presentation • Costing • Preparation method Shop Design & Lay Out • Kitchen lay out and ergonomics • Front of house lay out and ergonomics • Bar lay out and ergonomics • Kitchen equipment specifications • Smalls requirement and specifications • Cutlery and crockery requirement and specifications Additional services offered • Project Management • Due Diligence • Business Plans • Tender compilation Training • waiters • bar men • kitchens staff • Management Relief and emergency management Chef, GM Just items to think about. A phone call, email or just to bounce of an idea is FREE.

Keywords: consultant, Project Management, Restaurant

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