By: Racelogic  11-11-2011
Keywords: Data Logger

The Video VBOX Range

Video VBOX comes in two different versions.

Video VBOX Pro

A high-end in-car video system aimed primarily at motorsport professionals and corporate driving schools, Video VBOX Pro offers a whole host of features in a rugged, CNC machined enclosure.

Video VBOX Lite

Housed in a rugged plastic enclosure, the Video VBOX Lite in-car video system is designed to provide many of the features of the Video VBOX Pro, at a much lower price.

No special mounting requirements or heat dissipation considerations, so the box can be placed anywhere convenient inside the car. Being small and light weight, the Video VBOX Lite can easily be carried on your person, making it suitable for skiing, cycling, horse riding or even skydiving!

A key advantage of Video VBOX over the competition is the fact that it is the only one-box solution which combines a multi-camera video recorder, data logger and real-time embedded graphics in a single unit. You don't need to post process the video to produce the graphics, and you don't need to connect to a separate data logger.

The other key advantage is the inclusion of a small lithium ion battery in each unit which can power the unit and safely close video files to keep the footage without corruption when the power is interrupted, an essential feature for reliable track use.

Keywords: Data Logger