Professional DVD and CD Replication Services

By: Psb Productions  11-11-2011
Keywords: dvd, Mass Production, Packaging And Printing

We offer full design, planning, authoring, encoding, mass production (replication and duplication), packaging and printing options. Whether you want one disc or one million, DVD Infinity can help.

We mass produce (replicate or press) the following formats:

DVD-5 4.7GB (Single sided, single layer)
DVD-9 8.5GB (Single sided, double layer)
DVD/CD Hybrid 5.4GB (DVD one side, CD one side)
MiniDVD 1.3GB  
CD 700MB  
8cm miniCD 100MB  
Business Card CD 250MB  
Shaped DVDs Varies  

DVD Replication vs DVD Duplication
There is a huge difference between replication and duplication when it comes to your company's image. Duplication means burning the DVD normally with using a DVD burner. Replication means creating a glass master and then using the glass master to create stampers that are used to stamp out your pressed DVDs at high speed in high volume. The big difference is that replicated DVDs will work on all players whereas burnt DVDs will work in a maximum of 95% of players. This may not seem like a problem until you get a call from a customer complaining about the low quality of your DVD because he cannot play it.. or worse still no phone call.

The DVD creation process
The following gives a brief description of the DVD creation process:

  • Design and planning
  • Collect, create and capture video, audio, data assets
  • Video and audio data compression
  • Authoring to DVD specification
  • Data and file formatting to DVD file system
  • Create master DVD
  • Create glass master
  • Test mould and verify program authoring
  • Replication moulding and metalisation
  • Bonding, printing and final quality control
  • Package and Distribution

Provide your own master
If you prefer, you can supply your own master. We can accept DLT type III or Type IV in either DDP 2.0 or DDP 2.1 format or DVD-R(for authoring) or high quality DVD-R(for general) for replication. Always use new, clean media to ensure no dropouts. For DVD-9s, we can only accept DLT. If desired we can add CSS encryption to your DVD run.

  • The following print requirements should be adhered to in order to ensure fastest delivery times and avoid any additional costs.
  • Use CMYK colour Use a resolution of at least 350 dpi or 175 lpi.
  • Include 5mm bleed on slicks, no bleed on DVD face
  • Include any special fonts
  • Supply a printout of all artwork files

You deserve the Best!!!

Keywords: dvd, Mass Production, Packaging And Printing