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Exterior painting tips from Painting Painters South Africa

By: Painting Painters South Africa  09-18-2013
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Seal It Off When saving leftover paint, place a piece of plastic wrap on top of the open can. Spray cooking oil over the plastic and tightly secure the lid. Turn the bucket upside down, and you'll have a brand-new seal. Air won't get in, and the paint will last longer. Add Grit When you're painting floors, add traction by putting a bit of sand in the paint to provide grip to the floor. Paint From Top to Bottom Start on top to prevent streaks. Whether indoors or outdoors, always begin painting at the top and work your way down. Combine Cans of Paint If you have multiple cans of paint of the same color, combine them (known as boxing the paint). By taking a large bucket and mixing the gallons together, you're ensuring a uniform color. Add Aluminum Wedges Aluminum wedges prevent siding rot. Slip aluminum siding wedges under the house's siding to provide air circulation to areas where you're finding moisture problems. Quality Over Price Lower-quality paint can't stand up to everyday weathering. Protection against sunlight and temperature will keep the paint's original color and moisture. Lack of moisture can cause mildew and will eventually crack the paint. Use Primer There's a reason it's called primer. For better paint adhesion, priming is the way to go. Use an oil primer and top it off with latex or acrylic for a better seal. Consider Mother Nature You have to work around Mother Nature. Autumn is a great time to paint. Paint needs time to cure, and rain is its biggest enemy. Intense humidity can get underneath the paint and cause it to bubble. Sand and Wash Sanding is probably one of the most important prep steps because it creates adhesion. Before you sand, wash the surface. Power washing is also a very important part of the painting process. If the surface is clean of dirt and mildew, the paint will adhere properly. Paint Doesn't Stick to Rotten Siding If paint is peeling and you've failed to maintain it over the years, check and see whether there's rot in the wood. If there is, use a wood petrifier; scrape away the bad wood and pour in the petrifier, it will make the wood extremely hard. Then fill the rotted gaps with proxy adhesive or resin.

Keywords: Exterior Painting, Painting Contractors, Painting Services, roof painting

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