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By: Origin Interactive  11-11-2011

Having created all the Tech4Africa branding, user interface and event collateral for their first conference last year we are honored to once again be given the opportunity to design all the event and marketing collateral for this year's Tech 4 Africa 2011 conference (taking place on October 27-28)!

Tech4Africa is the premier mobile, web and emerging technology conference, bringing global perspective to the African context. Tech4Africa brings together some of the most respected people in technology from all over the world to share, teach and interact with Africans, in South Africa.

In the words of Gareth Knight, founder and the driving force behind Tech4Africa "Our hope is that Tech4Africa will play a small role in igniting the talent and skill of generation of Africans who understand the reach of a mobile phone, who realise that the global market is accessible to those who build great products and who challenge the status quo".

Being associated with this exciting brand is especially close to our hearts, as we at Origin Interactive feel very passionate about bringing South Africa up to international standards regarding User Experience and how it impacts our users lives.

Working with Gareth and the Tech4africa team is a real treat!