By: Net2africa  11-11-2011

Portal development

What is a Portal

In short, it is a web system that provides the functions and features to authenticate and identify the users and provide them with an easy, intuitive, personalized and user-customizable web-interface for facilitating access to information and services that are of primary relevance and interests to the users. To the organization that sets up the portal, it is a system that provides versatile functions for the organization to catalogue or organize collections of different and multiple sources of information and service resources for dissemination to many users according to their specific privileges, needs and interest. Hence, the main purpose of setting up a portal is to bring the vast information and service resources available from many sources to many users in an effective manner.

When a portal is needed

To improve the user-friendliness and to enable convenient access to the different kinds of information and services mounted on the web by users, it would be desirable to set up a portal for channelling the vast information resource and many services to different users in an efficient and effective manner so that when a user can be identified by the portal, personalized information and services which are relevant or of interests to the user would be presented to him according to his profile.

Our portal development services and framework enables the provisioning of user-directed interaction models. Our framework provides capabilities to integrate to any architecture even .NET pc based solutions.

Solution Sourcing

We at Net2Africa is passionate about user experience and interaction with technology and as such also acknowledge that many solution exist that suits the requirements of an individual or orginasation. Based on the client requirements and strategy we have a vast network of solution providers from which we will analyse and identify the best of breed solution for the business.

DevExpress Framework development

XAF allows Net2Africa to quickly and efficiently create multi-platform and feature rich business applications. Because of its its highly modular architecture, flexible UI generation and reporting engine, XAF radically improves both development speed and overall product quality.

SAAS consulting

Software as a Service is not a new concept. The code-base, delivery platforms, tenancy options, pricing structures, deployment models, business economics, and go to market ecosystems have been evolving for well over a decade. There are a wide range of business models from SaaS hosted/ASP application delivery on one end to pure SaaS applications. Whether you are considering building, buying or partnering in the world of SaaS, we can assist in conceptualising the strategy through to executing on strategic decisions with the SAAS model that fit the business.