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By: NanoGig Solutions  09-14-2010
Keywords: Web Design, ISP, Google Apps


Web hosting

Did you know that in 2000, around 361 000 000 people were using the internet. In 2009 around 1 734 000 000 were online. That’s a 380% increase in the number of people on the internet in only 9 years (Source - ) .

 So it’s no lie that having your company online WILL make more people aware of your company via having a website, advertising etc. Another big advantage is e-mail. Sending someone a letter via postal service takes about 2 days. Sending via e-mail takes about 2 seconds. Did you know you can send and receive faxes via e-mail? No need for a big fax machine taking up office space, and let’s not forget, you pay to send faxes via fax line. Just another way, in which web hosting saves you both time and money.

Keywords: Google Apps, ISP, Web Design