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NanoGig's ISP from NanoGig Solutions

By: NanoGig Solutions  09-14-2010
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What makes BusinessLine ISP powered by NanoGig different?

·         As NanoGig supports clients with ALL IT related issues, mishaps and maintenance we want to build client relationships with all our clients, and we put our clients first.

·         Our wide range of support includes setting up of routers and ensuring you don’t sit with your head in your hands because you don’t understand the terms.

·         NanoGig lives by the motto “Let us do your IT and you do your Business”

·         We don’t tell you how to over a phone... We come out to you and set everything up for you. Providing you with training based on your level of computer knowledge.

·         We don’t speak IT talk, we speak English!

Google E-mail Security Spam Filter and Virus.

Content-based policies for inbound and outbound traffic.

• Built-in lexical analysis for social security and credit card numbers

• Build virtually any custom content rule with regular expression matching

• Apply a variety of policy dispositions to triggered content — approve, bounce, quarantine,

quarantine redirect, log and deliver.

Keywords: Google Apps, Internet Service Provider, Mail Archiving, Reseller, Web Design