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By: Mafoko Security  11-11-2011
Keywords: Security, Security Patrols


To provide a comprehensive security solution to a broad base of customers and industries through a combination of experienced personnel and various advanced security technologies.

  • 24 Hour security patrols.
  • Unarmed and armed commercial, industrial and residential guarding.
  • Investigation
  • Electronic security and armed response
  • VIP protection and dog patrols
  • Escort and undercover guards
  • Retail office
  • Domestics services (Property checks, baby checks, armed escorts, access safekeeping, holiday services)
  • CCTV & Alarms Installations and Maintenance

3.1 All our security officers meet the following requirements:

  • Basic security skills
  • Physical fitness
  • Minimum standard 10/Grade 12
  • Ability to communicate, read and write in English
  • Discipline and security ethics
  • Special skills in crowd control, bomb detection, fire fighting and legal powers of arrest
  • Services aids at all times on duty-baton stick, handcuffs, whistle, pocket diary
  • Book, pen, torch (at night), radios and firearms (where applicable)
  • Clearance and registration with the Security Offices Board (PSIRA)


Approach different training academies specifically Winnfield security training academy

  • We also choose from best candidates and evaluate trainees.
  • We have classes and rooms that we use to train our employees and educate them in accordance with specifications of our clients.



  • We ensure high visibility at all times.
  • Control all the exits and entrance of our clients’ premises.
  • Searches vehicle and people for the safety of the premises 
  • Effective patrols safety of our clients vehicles 
  • Communicate regularly with safety and security to communicate safety needs
  • Uses cards system to identity staff and our clients.
  • Report removes opportunities for criminal that may lead the commission of crime


We provide a professional and personalized service to all our clients.  Mafoko Security Patrols demonstrates a high flexibility in meeting client specifications at competitive rates.

Mafoko Security Patrols firmly believes that the long-term profitability of our clients is our guarantee of sustained development and growth.  The organization’s competitive edge lies in the relationships that we seek to establish with our clients.

Our values then centre on professionalism, transparency, communication, integrity, commitment and flexibility to meet the changing needs of each clients.


Obtain the report from client and interview the verity the matter to be investigated 
Obtain clues, documents and collect all the evidence to proof the matter.
Give feed back to the client and receive further instruction 
Keep contact with client to address the investigation needs
Attend count matters and give evidence.


The following security aids are always available at each site where the services is being rendered:

  • Occurrence books
  • Access registered
  • Pocket books
  • Duty sheets and lists
  • Two way radios
  • Clock watch systems and cell phones
  • Reinforcement infrastructure


To help us provide our services, we require the following from each client:

Adequate lighting
Sufficient fire detection, fighting and first aid equipment
Access to the toilets facilities within our area of operation
Structural protection against elements
Access to evacuate systems


  • Mafoko Security Patrols (Pty) Ltd is registered Proprietary Limited Company
  • Company Registration: 2004/035905/07

Keywords: Security, Security Patrols