Electro Luminescent Adverts

Electro Luminescent Adverts from Luminetrix

By: Luminetrix  03-26-2010
Keywords: Live Marketing, El Panels, Electro Luminescent

Electro-Luminescent Display (ELD) technology is the new paper thin, captivating light source that is revolutionizing the way businesses market their branded message to target audiences. Electro-Luminescent (EL) is set to take over back lit posters amongst a host of other light source based products that are energy deficient, expensive and bulky.

ELD is produced in the form of paper thin wires, strips or panels and can be made to almost any design. EL emits a cool light source and is vibration and impact resistant, it has an extremely low power consumption which makes it one of the most cost efficient light sources on earth.

In a layman’s terms, the product is as bright as a fluorescent sign, as light as paper, as thin as a credit card and is currently available in single sheet sizes up to 120cm x 240cm. If the size is more than 120cm x 240cm, a bigger size poster can be tiled according to the design.

Any artwork supplied can be animated to light as per customers specification. The panels can be customized to illuminate in any size, shape, colour or sequence. The potential of this product is immense across a wide range of appliances.

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