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By: Letsatsi Finance  11-11-2011
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What does Letsatsi Finance & Loan offer?

Letsatsi prides itself in helping customers and fellow South Africans to have access to affordable credit in times of financial difficulties. Many of our loans are utilised for school fees, transport, emergency funerals and such.


We are very proud to announce that we offer a wide range of products to your customers. The products offered are: -

1) Short term 1-4 month and 6 monh loans
2) Long term (13 months) loans - 13, 24, 36

Loan amounts range from R500 to R40 000, based on the customer's needs and affordability estimations.

Please remember to bring the following items when visiting one of our branches:

  1. 2 months payslips/salary advices (latest originals)
  2. 3 months bank statements (latest originals)
  3. Original ID book
Please note:

1. Salaries must be electronically transfered into your bank account.

2. We are unable to assist customers who are "Under Administration"and "Debt Review".


Become part of the best funeral policy in South Africa We provide you with the confidence that the costs associated with a funeral are covered, allowing you to lay your loved ones to rest with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Breakdown of cover

  A B
Cover: R12 000.00 R5 000.00
Tombstone: R5 000.00 R3 000.00
Refreshments: R3 000.00 R2 000.00
TOTAL R20 000.00 R10 000.00
Scale of benefits
Life Covered % of Covered amount
Member 100%
Spouse 100%
Child Aged 14-21 50%
Chiled Aged 1-13 25%
Stillborns to 11 months 12.5%

Additional Benefits of Letsatsi’s Funeral Fund

1. Double Accident Benefits
Double the benefits to be payable if death of the covered life is as a result of accidental causes.
E.g. R20 000 becomes R40 000

2. Telephone Legal Assistance
Legal advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Burial Repatriation Benefits
Free transport for deceased remains South of the 22° parallel to the funeral home of choice, closest to the chosen place of burial within South Africa at no cost to the family. One nights’ accommodation will be provided for one family member accompanying the deceased.

Keywords: Funerals, Loans