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By: Klopper Du Plessis  11-11-2011
Keywords: conveyancing

Klopper du Plessis Attorneys offer the following services:




All aspects of Conveyancing including but not limited to registration of transfers, bonds, servitudes and bond cancellations.

All notarial services including but not limited to registration of antenuptial contracts, all property related notarial deeds and notarizing of documents.

How to sell your property?
How will the purchase price be paid? (Bond / Cash)
Transferring the property from the Seller to the Purchaser:
Signing of documents
Registration in the Deeds Office
What does “Registration” mean?
What is the role of the Conveyancer?
Is there such a thing as hidden costs?
Cancellation figure of seller’s existing bond
Rates and taxes or levies
Agent commission
Cancellation fee and costs
Electrical certificate
Occupational rent

Frequently asked questions

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How long does Registration take?

Approximately 5 to 7 weeks from date of signature of the offer to purchase.

There are 154 actions with which the attorney and his staff have to comply before an average transaction is registered.

This period may be affected by:

The application and granting of a loan;

The cancelaltion of an existing bond registered over the property;

The complience with suspensive conditions in the deed of sale. A suspensive condition will postpone registration pending the fulfillment thereof;

Timeous payment of the deposit by the purchaser

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Keywords: conveyancing

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