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By: Kgwanyape Energy Solutions  12-08-2011
Keywords: Lighting Control, Motion Sensor, Ambient Light

Intelligent Switching, Occupancy Sensing & RF Lighting Control

PPL0901, TMS0901, RFU0901

In addition to the above devices, KES has also developed an Intelligent Switching System that is used primarily in commercial or industrial applications. It comprises two main components, the KES Intelligent Switch (Plug and Play) device (PPL0901), along with the matched KES Timed Motion Sensor (TMS0901). The system allows for lighting to be controlled using motion sensing. It also senses ambient light and compares it to a preset lux level requirement, so that lighting can be turned on again, once motion is detected.

While motion sensing is not a new innovation and has been in the market for many years , the uniqueness in the KES approach is that (unlike other motion sensing solutions where the sensor needs the additional connection of  either a relay or a contactor to do the actual switching and typically requires quite a bit of connection skills and effort) the KES solution is completely Plug and Play in its approach and a typical office installation takes only 10 – 15 minutes.

The Solution

All that is needed is the PPL0901 Intelligent Switch (Plug and Play Lighting) and the TMS0901 Timed Motion Sensor.

If remote control is needed,  the RFU0901 Unit can be used to provide it.

The Installation

In a typical office scenario in commercial buildings and industry, where there are recessed fluorescent light fittings, these light fittings plug in directly into a 5A socket.  To turn the office into a motion controlled environment you simply:

  • Unplug the light fitting plug from the 5A socket;
  • Insert the mains plug of the PPL0901 into the 5A socket;
  • Plug the light fitting into the load socket on the PPL0901;
  • Position the motion sensor on the ceiling;
  • Connect the motion sensor cable to the clip on connector on the PPL 0901.

And the installation is complete. Audits and tests by blue chip multinationals indicate that energy savings of 30%+ can routinely be achieved using the KES Intelligent Switching System.

Other features

The Intelligent Switching System can also be operated via RF, using the KES RF receiver (RFU0901 ), allowing lights to be switched On/Off remotely. The TMS0901 can be configured to drive multiple Plug and Play devices (PPL0901), whilst multiple TMS0901 sensors (up to 5) can also be driven off a single PPL0901.


  • Savings: Energy savings vary between 25% to more than 50%, depending on the activity switching and on the configuration of the system.
  • Installations: Recent installations include at KES’ own factory facilities in Pretoria, as well as at the Headquarters of a Centurion-based mining group, the DBSA, a major bank, and one of South Africa’s largest listed property management companies.
  • Proudly South African: Designed and manufactured in South Africa. Please see attached datasheet.

Lighting Fragmentation


KES has also developed an Intelligent Switch Unit (Lighting Fragmentation), that is used primarily in commercial or industrial applications. A good example of such an application is that of a multi-level shopping centre car park, which typically houses row upon row of double fluorescent tubes. A typical shopping centre with 2,000 light fittings, would use the ISU0801 to more effectively control the light fittings to which they’re fitted.

The Advantages

Simplicity. There is no need to wire between fittings. One simply connects the ISU0801 to the light fitting that is to be controlled. In the case of fluorescent lighting it does not matter whether it is a magnetic or electronic ballast. After resumption of power after a power down situation any lights fitted with the ISU0801 will start in energy saving mode, reducing energy consumption, providing a measure of load/surge protection, and reducing costs.

Success Stories

The basement section of the Innovation Hub in Pretoria showed an instant saving of 50% while maintaining regulation lighting levels. Over 3,500 units have already been installed in public hospitals around Gauteng with measurable 50% savings. At an ESKOM monitored pilot in a Pretoria shopping centre, the device showed a 48% saving over 18 hours per day. This pilot was set up to reduce lighting by 50% at 01h00 when the shopping centre was empty and only return to full power (100%) again at 18h00 in the evening before it got dark.

This is a highly effective device, simple to install (circa 15 minutes to fit).


  • Savings: Energy savings vary between 25% to more than 50%, depending on the configuration of the system.
  • Smart: There is the increased benefit of the device defaulting to energy saving mode on return of power.
  • Proudly South African: Designed and manufactured in South Africa.
  • Standards: Since this device forms part of a fixed circuit it has been authorised by the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS). Authorisation No 0905234.

Keywords: Ambient Light, Intelligent Switch, Lighting Control, Motion Sensing, Motion Sensor, Switching System

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