DSO-1200 Oscilloscope & Multimeter

DSO-1200 Oscilloscope & Multimeter from K Measure

By: K Measure  06-30-2011
Keywords: Multimeters, Oscilloscope, Electronic Test Equipment

Versatile, powerful and portable with a 6h battery life and both oscilloscope and multimeter functionality and with 800V isolation this digital storage scopemeter (oscilloscope & multimeter combination) is an ideal companion both in the field and in the electronic  lab.  It also offers excellent specifications - 200MHz, 500MSPS.  Price R8500.00

Keywords: Digital Multimeter, digital storage oscilloscope, Electronic Test Equipment, Multimeters, Oscilloscope,

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CA60 Current Probe from K Measure thumbnail

CA60 Current Probe

. Measure Current 0 ~ 60A . Frequency Responce: DC ~ 20kHz (AC) . Output: 1mV/10mA, 1mV/100mA . Zero Adjustment calibration button . Battery-low warning

Digital Multimeter DMM8062 from K Measure thumbnail

Digital Multimeter DMM8062

. Auto and Manual Ranging . True RMS . Overload Protection . Display Backlight . Data Hold . Delta (Relative) Measurement . Analogue Bar Graph . VDE Safety Approval . Optically-isolated USB Port to PC . PC- Software to log Data and record Transients . Battery-low Warning . Auto-off Function

Digital Multimeter DMM8061 from K Measure thumbnail

Digital Multimeter DMM8061

. Auto and Manual Ranging . True RMS . Overload protection . Screen Backlight . Hold Measurement . Delta (Relative Measurement) . CAT III and CAT IV safety standards . Optically-isolated computer interface port . PC-Software to log data and record transients . Interface Protocol for custom software development . Battery-low Warning  

Oscilloscope Probes x1/x10 from K Measure thumbnail

Oscilloscope Probes x1/x10

oscillscope test probe x1 x10 for use with Digital storage Oscillscopes

Oscilloscope Probes x100 from K Measure thumbnail

Oscilloscope Probes x100

Oscilloscope Test probes for use with Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

DSO5200 PC-Oscilloscope from K Measure thumbnail

DSO5200 PC-Oscilloscope

. Dual Channel scope . 250 MSPS sampling rate . 200 MHz bandwidth . 9 bit resolution . USB2.0 powered . Very intuitive PC- software that mimics the look and feel of conventional oscilloscopes. . 23 oscilloscope measurements including:   Min/Max, Overshoot/Undershoot, Mean, RMS, +/- duty cycle and  rise/fall time. . Horisontal and Vertical Cursors. . 4 different FFT analysis  (Spectrum Analyser). . X-Y (circular) plotting of data. . Mathematical functions on oscilloscope

Programmable Waveform Generator from K Measure thumbnail

Programmable Waveform Generator

Waveform Generator Specifications: . 1 analog & 12 digital channels . DC-75 MHz (sinewave) or DC-25MHz (programmable waves)      . 0.1% Frequency accuracy, 30ppm stability . 12 bit Voltage resolution . +/- 3.5V 100mA (peak) 50ohm output . USB2.0 or AC powered Frequency Counter Specifications: . DC-50MHz Frequency input . 400mV - 18V (peak-peak)      . 100K-ohm impedance

DSO-1060 Oscilloscope and Multimeter from K Measure thumbnail

DSO-1060 Oscilloscope and Multimeter

60MHz oscilloscope & multimeter, 150 MSPS, 6h battery life, with USB port to upload to PC

LAP16128C Logic Analyser from K Measure thumbnail

LAP16128C Logic Analyser

Fast portable logic analyser, USB bus-powered, 56 protocol interpreters, statistics logging.

S2X100 PC-Oscilloscope from K Measure thumbnail

S2X100 PC-Oscilloscope

* USB bus powered oscilloscope (e.g. use with a laptop for field measurements) * 50MHz bandwidth scope * 100 MS/s sampling rate * Complex mathematical functions (e.g. Ch1*Ch2, Ch1/Ch2)

Elab-080 from K Measure thumbnail


7-in-1 Lab-in-a-box. Oscilloscope Logic-Analyser Waveform-Generator Pattern-Generator Spectrum-Analyser Power-Supply Low-Cost PC-Based