Digital Multimeter DMM8062

Digital Multimeter DMM8062 from K Measure

By: K Measure  08-16-2011
Keywords: Multimeters, Electronic Test Equipment

The DMM-8062 Digital Multimeter is a feature-packed top-end digital multimeter.  With its wide range of electrical and electronic multimeter measurements, including temperature, and its certified VDE safety approval marks this digital multimeter is the perfect tool for electrical and electronic measurements in the field.  And with its isolated USB PC-interface and data logging software the DMM-8062 digital USB multimeter is just as ideal in the electronic lab environment. Price R1300.

Keywords: Electronic Test Equipment, Multimeters

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. Auto and Manual Ranging . True RMS . Overload protection . Screen Backlight . Hold Measurement . Delta (Relative Measurement) . CAT III and CAT IV safety standards . Optically-isolated computer interface port . PC-Software to log data and record transients . Interface Protocol for custom software development . Battery-low Warning  

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7-in-1 Lab-in-a-box. Oscilloscope Logic-Analyser Waveform-Generator Pattern-Generator Spectrum-Analyser Power-Supply Low-Cost PC-Based