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By: Iss  11-11-2011
Keywords: adoption

Over the years, ISS/IRC has developed a large range of services aimed at supporting professionals working for the protection of children deprived of their family in their daily work with children and/or their families, as well as for the members of the ISS network. With a view of offering the maximum number of tools to the greatest number of stakeholders possible, the majority of services are available free of charge by request or accessible through the internet page. Certain documents and services have limited access because of their confidential nature in terms of content and also the amount of resources required to produce them.

Monthly Reviews

These Reviews propose an analysis of the latest developments in matters of adoption and the protection of children deprived of their family. Each issue offers an editorial section, updated information about the evolution of law and practice both at the international level and in particular countries. The publication engages itself in certain ethical debates, studies interdisciplinary resources and proposes a reading suggestion. Its last page draws attention to relevant conferences and seminars of international interest. Each month, the Review is distributed to more than 2700 professionals across the world.

Situation analysis

Each year between 15 and 20 files focusing on an individual country are published which examine the situation of children deprived of their family and their adoption. The files present the main legislation, principal stakeholders, the practices and risks for the rights of the child. There is also an analysis of the general situation of children deprived of their family and their adoption for each country. These files are only accessible by the Central Authorities of States who finance the ISS/IRC and also the countries of origin.

Expertise and handling requests

The ISS/IRC provides technical support based on its expertise for its professional partners, particularly Central Authorities. It answers requests for information, documentation or advice about general legislation, practices, protagonists and resources (experts, training centres, etc.) relating to children deprived of family. More than 100 requests are answered each year.

Working tools to improve practice

Information circulars for the Central Adoption Authorities

The circulars facilitate an exchange of information between the Central Authorities both from the countries of origin and receiving countries. These exchanges of information are centralised and analysed and later disseminated through circulars.

Documentation Centre

For several years now, the ISS/IRC has built up a documentation centre on Children Deprived of their Family. This centre collects publications and texts of both a psychosocial and legal nature which deal with themes and countries, essentially in English, French and Spanish. The Database is available on line.

Keywords: adoption