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By: Intellect Project Management  11-11-2011
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iPM provides consulting services on the following topics:
Project Definition Workshops: To assist with this process iPM can facilitate a project definition workshop, to ensure that the project purpose, background and business benefit for the project is well understood, thus forming the basis of the user requirement specification and scope of work. By performing a project definition all the stakeholder will form a common understanding of the project deliverables.
Coaching and Mentoring:iPM is currently extensively being used in providing Coaching and Mentoring to new and existing staff operating in the Project Management space.
Project Audits:iPM can conduct project audits to ensure that the project will be delivered successfully, meaning within the parameters of schedule, cost and specification.

Project Rescue Services:
iPM specialises in project recovery for those projects losing their momentum, moving out of the original scope parameters or which indicate a trend for consistently missing deliverables, milestones and deadlines.
Project Management and Lifecycle Customisation: iPM as a specialist project management service provider have been contracted by various organisations as their preferred supplier for customer project management process design, methodology development and implementation.
Project Management Implementation: With 19 years experience in the project management environment, iPM offers expert advice when it come to the implementation of PSO and PMO’s, project management methodologies, lifecycle, templates and operational procedures.
Document Review Service:iPM is often consulted to provide input on NEC contract data, cost analysis, contract strategies and scope of works, this to ensure protection against liability.
Total Project Outsourcing: The Total Project Outsourcing service offers a total end-to-end solution to a client who wishes to engage in turnkey projects but still remain focussed on its core business. To this extent projects can be handed over to iPM while customers can sit back in confidence and see how the project passes through the concept, design, implementation and commissioning phases of the project life cycle, thus allowing organisational resources to continue with their day-to-day operations.
Project Measurement and Performance:iPM’s consulting services includes project performance management and measurement in terms of technical implementation and team performance measured against requirements, quality, schedules and cost targets. 
Tender Process Management (In/Out): With years of experience managing the corporate environment around tenders, iPM has developed a unique approach, whereby companies outsource the compilation of tender responses to iPM. The organisation has recently extended its service offering to include the drafting of RFI’s (Requests for Information) and RFP’s (Request for Proposal). With the service being build on the sound principles of project management, iPM approaches each tender whether in compilation or response to an RFP strategically with the utmost attention to quality and professionalism with only one objective, that being to give our valued customers the best chance to be successful in their bid in response or to procure the most suitable product or service within cost and quality.
Contract Cost Analysis and Management: The services involves the compilation, drafting and preparation of scope of work, cost analysis, contract strategies and actual NEC contract on behalf of the client for the procurement and implementation of a specific product or service.
Company profiling:iPM assist companies with the development and compilation of their business plans and company profiling.
Business Process Mapping and Process Re-engineering:iPM has extensive knowledge when it comes to Quality Management Systems and documenting of organisational value chains, procedures and processes.

Plant Configuration Management: iPM is widely used within the energy industry to conduct plant configuration audits in order to ascertain the misalignment status between P&ID’s, SAP PM data or plant maintenance application information with “As-build” status. The iPM audit methodology is one of corrective action and not merely of recommendation nature, the focus is therefore on rectifying the miss-alignment between the above elements in order to avoid not only safety related incidents but also potential Unit or system trips.

The Plant Configuration Audit Methodology

Review and validation of all P&ID’s, SAP PM Data and KKS codes/Functional Location code/asset labels in relation to each other.

Recording of discrepancies.

Weekly reporting of discrepancies to site management.

Share findings with all stakeholders during weekly Client Liaison Meeting.

Highlighting of the so-called “red-zone” or danger areas.

Pro-active plant walkdowns to identify possible “red-zones” for scheduled lockouts.

Monitoring corrective action by all stakeholders.

Maintain audit trail of all findings and corrections effected and outstanding.

To manage the above process iPM has developed the KKS Data Management System which caters for the recording, tracking and monitoring of all plant audits and the corrective actions being taken. iPM provides a full outsourced services, whereby a comprehensive technical team gets deployed to the client’s site made up of a  plant technical audit team, data capturers, IT infrastructure and KKS Data Management System. iPM considers this step as essential as it is but even more so before implementation of plant inspection applications and data logging technology.

iPM is continuously revolutionising the project management discipline through the development of project management software solutions to which extent its XL Project application suite is rapidly becoming a household name within many industries and local government departments.
XL Project Pro is an Excel based project management application, aimed at both the individual and organisation tasked with project delivery. This powerful tool offers a detailed process based generic project management methodology, backed by a comprehensive set of templates with descriptions. XL Project Pro further simplifies numeric project selection techniques such as Payback, ROI, NPV, IRR including Earned Value status calculations by merely adding the value to the cell field. The easy-to-use project navigator which is layered on top of the methodology, with progress indicators and flags, removes the complexity of introducing project management to the new employee and the adoption of project management principles by organisations effortless.
The XL Project Pro application provides users with a unique system friendly capability and ease-of-use interface. As a result of Project Pro navigator being written in Excel, users can now reap the endless benefits of using their existing Excel license with their own customized look-and-feel. In relation to proprietary software, some of the advantages of XL Project Pro includes easily hide excessive details, reduced software cost per user, ability to share with non-licensed users, unlimited comments per line, unlimited hyperlinks per line, easily hide excessive details, multi-layered levels of detail, complex calculation, filtering and analysis features. Even if your company already owns a few limited licenses for proprietary software, wouldn’t it be nice to have such business management applications that everyone else can use with unparalleled simplicity.
The XL Project Pro Standard comes bundled with:
• A Project Management Methodology/Process ready for company specific customisation.
• An easy-to-use Excel driven navigator.
• More than 40 project related templates.
• Over 300 Power Point slides on 22 knowledge areas and subject matter.
• Project Management Techniques Study Guide— College Edition by Author Rory Burke.
Also enquire about our XL Project Pro Turnkey Edition.

iPM’s Project Management Training is done in workshop format at the client’s premises either on customised content or on the following subject matters which is part of our standard content:
·         History of Project Management
·         Project Life-Cycle
·         Feasibility Study
·         Project Selection
·         Project Estimating
·         Planning and Control Cycle
·         Scope Management
·         Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
·         Critical Path Method (CPM)
·         Schedule Barchart
·         Procurement
·         Resource Planning
·         Project Accounts
·         Project Control
·         Earned Value
·         Quality Management
·         Project Risk Management
·         Project Communication
·         Project Organisational Structures
·         Project Teams
·         Project Leadership

Staffing Solutions
iPM offers a professional management services in the form of contract or outsourced project managers and professional individuals. As experience has shown that the selection of the project manager is a key appointment which can influence the success or failure of the project, to this extent iPM manages a database of project managers, project coordinators, administrators, from junior to the most highly skilled and experienced senior project, program and portfolio managers. We also outsource an array of auditing and engineering staff including quality management implementation professionals.
What makes iPM different from the traditional labour broker is that the organisation provides every outsourced staff member with:
·         Project Management refresher training
·         Advanced Project Management training where required
·         Project Management Tools and Techniques
·         Based on contract agreement a Notebook and 3G Connectivity
·         Supervision under the iPM Project Management Office

Keywords: Project Management

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