5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Cleaning Company

By: Innovation Cleaning  04-08-2015
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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Cleaning Company Contracts of Employment All employees should be issued with valid contracts of employment signed by both parties. Have you complied with this law? It is a great opportunity for you to get someone else to do the compliance for you. The easiest and convenient way to this is by outsourcing all your cleaning requirements to a reputable Cleaning Company. These companies are obliged to comply with this piece of legislation. Failing of which may result into hefty fines been imposed and payable. Absenteeism; Leave and Sick Does your office or home require cleaning when your employee is absent? The answer is obviously yes… It is known fact that employees get absent due to personal circumstances; become sick and also require leave to rest their bodies. During these times, one requires the services of a cleaning company that will remove and take away all the frustrations of getting a replacement for the employee that had gone off. The Cleaning Companies have got a pool of staff employed specifically for these reasons and they are therefore in a good position to do the necessary replacements so that the offices and houses or homes can still get cleaned to optimize conducive environment. Unemployment Insurance Fund It is required by legislation that all employers register their employees for UIF with the Department labour. By registering you are also in agreement and required to pay the monthly contribution per employee which is payable by the seventh day of every month. Surely you do not have the time at your disposal to do all of these. You can outsource all these responsibilities to a reliable cleaning company to assist you. Your preferred Cleaning Service Provider is duty bound and will ensure that all its staff members are registered and the contributions are paid and up-to-date all the times. You can outsource all these responsibilities to a reliable cleaning company to take care of all of these Labour Legislations. Pay Sheet Did you know that there is piece of legislation related or dealing with compliance in terms of providing all employees with their record of earnings? This has to take place at the end of the month; week or fortnight as agreed upon in the contract of employment. The pay sheet need to reflect certain information such as the gross earnings; deductions and net pay and all should be in South African authorized currency which is the Rand. Upon site visits and or inspections by the Department of labour this information should be available. Reliable Cleaning Services Companies utilize sophisticated resources to produce these reports which will normally not be found in some homes and companies. Compensation Fund Contribution Lastly, employers whether small or big need to ensure that all their employees are registered with the Compensation Commissioner and pay the necessary fees as determined by the Department. This fund is utilized by the commissioner to compensate those employees that get hurt in their line of duty or while at work. It covers the medical expenses where employees were treated for injuries during their IOD procedures. Unregistered employees do not qualify to lodge any claims to this effect. Again the Cleaning Companies are registered with the fund and this need is therefore been catered for, thus you can use their services. Author: Steven, MD of Innovation Cleaning Services having taken the company off the ground to greater heights in three years. Visit us on: http://www.innovationcleaningservices.co.za There is a lot more tips; reading and information on our blog. Take advantage by booking your service now

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