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By: Ingwapele Technology  11-11-2011
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This is our core competency and we can provide the following system management services for your day-to-day business:

  • Retrofit existing hardware, software, and infrastructure to new and improved technologies
  • Find the right solution for a client’s business using current and future technologies
  • Understand diverse requirements of our clients to ensure their growth and effective business practices
  • Evaluate and propose system improvements based on existing business issues
  • Offer expertise in Information Technology operation and maintenance
  • Research and develop sound business solutions for new businesses based on client requirements
  • Audit existing business infrastructure and applications and recommend sound advice to improve business operations
  • Deliver quality computer systems and consulting services to ensure our client’s success

How many times has your business required some basic knowledge of your computer systems? Lost personnel, sickness, and unexpected vacations are just a few of the situations that can cause problems with your operations.

Ingwapele Technology offers training to your employees to help you control your systems consulting costs and can assist you with systems administration until someone can fulfill the task.

It is a proven fact that computer hardware technology changes rapidly causing your existing computer systems to become outdated and slow performing after the initial purchase. New software applications and Operating Systems require faster processors and memory making your computer work harder to complete all of its tasks. Ingwapele Technology offers services to help regain your productivity such as:

Computer Hardware upgrades

  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Additional disk storage
  • Backup Media
  • Increased power supply
  • Networking components
  • Migration to new Computer System

Computer Software upgrades

  • Operating System
  • Application upgrades
  • System Evaluation and recommendations
  • Licensing

Due to the nature of modern computing, it goes without mention that every business needs a network to interconnect the business resources and allow communication with external stakeholders. As the Internet grows into every sector of current Business Processes, it also becomes important to not only create a network but to ensure that the valuable business resources are protected from external threats. Ingwapele Technology has the experience and skill to setup new or existing networks to allow your business to grow.

Your internal computer network is a vital link. Ingwapele Technology can evaluate your office network, report on its condition, and propose modifications. We can document important aspects of the structure along with maintenance procedures. Office networks are the core element of technology implementation in the workplace. Periodic review by a networking professional is an important support function. Beyond the wires and cables, a network also includes essential server systems. Again, and outside review of these devices should be done on a regular basis. Documentation of critical service items is another important task that may require outside assistance.

Network Services

Ingwapele Technology offers a host of services for your network. Our services include among others:

  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Network Consulting
  • Understand problems and offer the right solutions for public access to your critical information
  • Perform Internet Security audits to ensure confidentiality of our clients’ critical business information
  • Install Internet firewalls and network infrastructure to prevent loss of valuable business information
  • Educate importance of Internet security and the repercussions of not protecting business information
  • Install complete networking solutions including cabling, hardware, and software based on customer requirements
  • Retrofit networks with expanded services and infrastructure due to business growth
  • Cabling services – Data and telephony

In addition to rendering the service directly, Ingwapele Technology is prepared to Project manage the implementation of a new or modified office network which may involve:

  • analyzing a work site,
  • creating a proposal,
  • administering vendors, and
  • testing the final installation.

Software has become increasingly complex, but the rewards of using the software properly have become greater. The ability of a company to implement and use a software item is the full value of that product. We support both custom software and commercial products with application instruction, technical support, installation procedures, documentation and other maintenance resources. This support is available either in-house or on a per-call basis.

We can build server systems to support a workgroup or an entire enterprise. Quality desktop systems are critical to your staff. Existing client systems can benefit greatly from professional configuration. We can evaluate your desktop systems and make recommendations to improve productivity and minimize service problems. We can exploit the abilities of existing software utilities to manage data, backup critical systems and automate virus update procedures.

Maintenance Contracts

Need to have IT services performed regularly and within time limits? Ingwapele Technology can tailor a variety of maintenance contracts at specified hourly rates to ensure that you receive the computer services you need. Pricing will be negotiated with client after assessing client’s situation.

Outsourced IT Services

Don’t have the staff to run your own IT department? Let Ingwapele Technology work with your business for your IT needs. You can select our hourly or monthly rate, enabling you to concentrate on your business and let Ingwapele Technology concentrate on your IT needs.


Documentation of critical service items is an important task that should never be neglected. Consider the following:

  • What is your IT Emergency Plan? How would you gain access to your systems in a crisis?
  • What is the Server Room’s Emergency Response Guide? Has it been updated recently?
  • When was the last successful back done? and who can restore backups?
  • An Information Service employee suddenly resigns. Are you prepared?
  • There is a network failure. How quickly can the problem be diagnosed and repaired without documentation?
  • You decide to implement a new network service, and performance slows to a crawl. What was the system not prepared for?

Systems Performance Evaluations

You work hard to make your business process efficient and productive, but for some reason, your systems are not performing as well as you expect. Ingwapele Technology can assist you by evaluating your system performance and recommending solutions to your problems.

Risk Management

You have a successful business and want to expand but do not understand the current and future directions for computer systems. You ask yourself: What systems should I purchase and will the technology be valid in the future? Ingwapele Technology offers assistance with technology and will help your business determine what technologies should be used now and in the future.

Virus Protection and Recovery

With the proliferation of new viruses, it is crucial to understand the value of virus protection and how to prevent loss of critical business data. Ingwapele Technology offers services which include:

  • Virus protection for laptops, desktops and servers

Project Management Services

We can manage your projects from conception to closing,

  • Feasibility studies
  • Scope Management
  • Risk Management
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Quality Management
  • Implementation
  • Closure

Ingwapele Technology can also assist in planning, setting up, staffing and managing a Project Office for a client.

Other Areas of competence

Ingwapele Technology has also been involved with surveys, situational analysis and auditing as well as data gathering activities for various organizations.

We also collate and provide reports on collected data if our client requires it.

Social Facilitation

Ingwapele has a section that deals specifically with societal focused activities that encompass from public participation issues including research to implementation of programs aimed at citizens.

Keywords: Hardware, Information Technology

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