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By: Independent Drive Systems  11-11-2011
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Our services is focused and tailored to provide you a unique solution to independence and mobility freedom. We are proud of our after sales service and commitment to your peace of mind. A products' value is ONLY as good as its warranty, after sales service and backup.

Our products and installations carry a one-year warranty. We honour and value your support by offering a 24 Hour national repair and recovery service.  We carry the cost during the warranty period.  An estimated verbal quotation will be given for "out of warranty" repair and recovery services.  Abuse and incorrect use of the driving systems will cancel the Using the pedals and hand control lever simultaneously.

Our attention to detail, quality and professional workmanship is the IDS trademark. Our driving systems are neat, stylish and colour-coded.  There are no exposed links between the lever and the pedals that restrict the space and obstruct movement of an able-bodied driver.

Process and Costing.

No conversion cost is exact. When a person gets "under the hood" the unexpected is certain to occur that will certainly add to the costing. No matter how thorough the consultation and specifics noted, allowance of approximately 20% contingency fund must be allocated to the total coverage.

A new vehicle that has never before been fitted with a driving system is at risk of not being able to accommodate the installation of a driving system. For this reason quotations must be seen as estimates until a full and thorough inspection is carried out to evaluate the fitment of a driving system. The quotation does therefore not imply or guarantee successful fitment and installation of a driving system. Unfortunately no dealers will permit for the vehicle to be stripped for inspection and evaluation.

The basic evaluation points to consider:

  • position of petrol accelerator pedal
  • position of brake pedal
  • steering column
  • positioning of ignition
  • electrical or mechanical steering adjustment
  • adjustment functionality - up and down, front and back

A thorough investigation and evaluation can take up to a week before a final quote can be calculated and drafted.

It is paramount that each customisation project is based firstly on safety, secondly functionality and lastly ease of operation.

A meeting needs to be arranged to discuss all the possibilities and solutions available. All our consultation specifications and measurement is done in meticulous detail.  The system or device is then designed, engineered and tailored to your specifications.  Our next phase includes fitment and testing for functionality and ease.  You are then requested to evaluate and test whereupon minor safety modifications are done.  Generally after a period of use you return for final adjustments to improve the comfort and ease aspect of the fully functional equipment or device. 

For major and intricate conversions you need to be prepared for multiple consultations, testing, retesting and adjustments before finality.  The first fitment always provides full functional.  Testing and tweaking adjustments is to provide comfort and personal preference during use.  Let’s arrange our first meeting. Book now.

Conversion Risk

Each conversion carries the risk of losing the manufacturer warranty.  Most vehicle manufacturers do not want to take responsibility for conversions and customisation.  It is therefore imperative before purchasing the vehicle that this matter is discussed in detail with the dealership.  Before finalising the sale also get in writing the name, contact number and e-mail address of the head of the technical department and their commitment to help when required.  Find out if there is a hotline for advice. 

We highly value and protect our reputation and yours and certainly do not want to be seen as misleading you in any way.  We would rather be straight up front regarding the risks involved, than taking on a project that stands the risk of failure even before it begins or some way down the line.  We value your mobility investment as if it were our own.

Not all is doom and gloom, there is a glimmer of hope.  Tiaan’s standard of workmanship, quality and experience is well known to some vehicle manufacturers.  These manufacturers warranty is not at risk of being compromised.

Upcoming Projects

Satelite Dealership

A future project is to initiate and open a satellite dealership.  You can approach me with your vehicle purchasing requirements.  I will find a matching vehicle and facilitate the sale and arrange financing. When the fitment and installation is complete, I arrange and furnish the vehicle for the compulsory SARS inspection, vehicle registration and licensing.

And MBI warranty (Mechanical Breakdown Insurance) is available for used motor vehicles.  When purchasing a used vehicle there is no manufacturers warranty in most cases and This ensures that you will be covered for costly mechanical breakdowns and repairs.  The insurance covers a comprehensive list of working parts, including the air-conditioned, transmission, cooling system, electrical parts and engine of your vehicle.

K53 Driving School

We are currently investigating the possibility of providing a driving school for people with disabilities.

Kindly help us with our research into the above two projects. Let us know which of the two services you would be interested in.

Fill in your details, interests and remarks.

We highly appreciate your assistance in this regard.

Keywords: Vehicle

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