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By: Independent Drive Systems  11-11-2011
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IDS specialises in engineering, custom making, and installing drive systems to accommodate almost all your independent driving needs. A wide range of products and adaptions are build to enable you to drive safely:

Generally there are two distinct fitment and installation categories of work undertaken:

  • Existing and known vehicles
  • New and unknown vehicles

The first category is rather simple and easy to do as this type of vehicle has already been fitted. Only small adjustments are made to match your unique requirements.

The second category is more complex. This requires investigation and evaluation of the specific vehicle to determine if fitment and installation can take place. Bear in mind that not all dealerships will allow you to strip and evaluate a brand-new vehicle.

Push and Pull Hand Control

Our push pull hand control is mounted below the steering wheel with a lever protruding to the right-hand side. Concealed linkages to the brake and accelerator is used. Push the lever forward to brake and pull backwards for acceleration. The operation is very simple and safe, preventing braking and accelerating being used simultaneously.

The most of IDS's components are powder coated and colour matched to your vehicles interior. This finish provides durability, style and neatness. The remainder of the components are gold anodised to provide a stylish and robust look. All of these components are working parts and tend to scratch, fade and spoil it spray-painted only.

Left-handed push and pull drive system.

The steering, ignition and locking system is designed to fit on to the right-hand side of the steering column. The barrel lock mechanism and the wiring is positioned behind towards the left-hand side of the steering column. In some cases the positioning of the above elements prevents the installation of a driving system that is operated from the left-hand side. This installation is certainly more complicated, time-consuming and more costly.

Hand Brake Lever

The lever is moved from the centre of the vehicle to the right-hand side.  The cable is re-routed and fitted to be completely concealed.  To cater for people that have limited or no use of their left hand or arm.  Also suitable for people with artificial limbs.

Hydraulic Clutch System

A very effective system. Fitment is only possible on certain LDV's. The cable from the clutch lever is attached to a brake Servo and modified to hydraulically operate the clutch. Just simply squeeze and hold the lever to engage the clutch and simultaneously shift the gear into position and then release the clutch lever. Very similar to a motorbike system. The handle and lever is ergonomically designed to fit the client hand for ease of operation.  Very little effort and strain is needed to operate the system.

Accelerator Pedal Conversions

We do both mechanical and electronic pedal conversions. Generally the accelerator pedal is removed and repositioned onto the left-hand side. With electronic pedal conversions the whole electronic unit must be removed and fixed into a custom-built housing box that is repositioned on the left-hand side. This housing box is extremely strong to provide a robust and fully functional conversion. Pedal extensions are also done to suit your exact measurements and functions.

Dual Control System

We also undertake dual control systems. This conversion has an additional brake and clutch pedal fitted onto the passenger side. This type of conversion is ideal for a driving school.

Quadraplegic Adaptions

Numerous adaptions are designed to your individual function to assist you to gain control to drive safely.  These adaptions include:

  • Gearshift conversions
  • Steering spinner, Two & Tri pin grips
  • Wiper and Indicator contol conversions
  • Electric window & mirror conversions
  • Headlight control conversion

Wheelchair Transporters

Wheelchair Hoist

We have designed and engineered a blueprint for a roof hoist and gearbox. Further customisation of mounting brackets and wheelchair securing brackets is tailor-made to suit your specific vehicle and make of wheelchair measurements. The unit is operated with an electrical control switch mounted internally within arms reach. The gearbox and control unit is built locally and a wide range of spares is available.

Towhitch Carrier

We custom design and build wheelchair carriers to match the dimensions of your wheelchair and the vehicle that will be doing the transportation. The unit is really easy to install and in most cases can be closely colour-coded to match your vehicle.

Protective Flaps

To be mobile and independent is an extremely expensive exercise… that you end up damaging and scratching the paintwork caused by your wheelchair during the transfer process. An IDS solution is our "protective flaps". Manufactured from a durable nylon based canvas covering and an inner piece of density foam certainly provides adequate protection. When the door is opened you can manually position the flaps out and over the doorframe that provides excellent protection of your body and paintwork caused while positioning your wheelchair as close to the bodywork as possible during transfer. Once transfer is complete, just fold the flap back into the vehicle where it is stored out of sight.

Safety Harness

This four point safety harness was specifically customised to assist a quadriplegic to improve balancing while driving. The safety harness is only for balancing purposes while the normal safety belt is still used for safety. The safety harness is fitted and secured to the seat and allows the seat to be moved without tensioning the harness. The four-point harness supports the upper body and torso for balance, not safety.

Bathing Bracket

This device is manufactured to assist you to lift yourself in and out of the bath. Use the adjustable anchor handle to lift and secure yourself without slipping. The design allows for fitment to most common baths.

Keywords: Steering Wheel, Vehicle, wheelchair

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When purchasing a used vehicle there is no manufacturers warranty in most cases and This ensures that you will be covered for costly mechanical breakdowns and repairs. A new vehicle that has never before been fitted with a driving system is at risk of not being able to accommodate the installation of a driving system.