Prosthetic Care

By: Icexpress  11-11-2011
Keywords: Progressive Prosthetics, Socket Design

With a combination of info from you and measuring your current prosthetic potential ,we then explain why we think a particular prosthetic component or socket design will benefit you.We encourage amputees to ask questions about their prosthetic limb´s design, fit, and alignment. We also provide you with written materials to assist you caring for your prosthesis in your everyday life outside of our facility.Our primary focus when delivering a prosthetic limb to you is achieving the proper fit. The most cutting edge component is of little use to you if you cannot wear the prosthesis comfortably.We understand that your success is dependent upon your ability to use the prosthesis all day without pain and discomfort.At Icexpress progressive Prosthetics, your prosthetist personally custom designs your prosthesis, oversees your training with it, and coordinates your rehabilitation with doctors, physical therapists, and other medical professionals.This interdisciplinary approach highlights our commitment to giving you all the resources necessary to achieve your functional goals. Our prosthetist work closely in-house with Physical therapy to insure that all of your rehabilitation needs are met.Icexpress progressive Prosthetics believe in the highest quality control standards. Our facility is evidence based and strives to deliver amputees optimal results in using their prosthesis.We work closely with prosthetic manufacturers, collaborating with them to test and develop products. Our relationships with these companies permit us to provide you with the best and newest prosthetic technologies first.Icexpress Progressive prosthetics is an Ossur Accredited Facility and are Bionic Certified and qualified to fit the Rheo Knee, the Power Knee, C Leg and the Proprio Foot & Ankle System.Our prosthetists also specialize in the custom design of passive, body-powered, and myoelectric upper extremity prostheses.We Specialize in:• Knees
• Prosthesis
• Sports Prosthesis
• extremity Myo-electric Prosthesis
• Prosthesis & experience with congenital anomalies resulting in limb loss.Personalize your prosthetic socket, by painting it. We have an airbrush artist who can paint your favourite picture onto your prosthetic socket.

Keywords: Progressive Prosthetics, Socket Design