Solar Geysers

By: Green Amp  11-11-2011
Keywords: Electricity, Clean Energy

Why Solar Geysers?

Almost half of the power consumption in the average home is attributed to heating water.

By harnessing the unlimited clean energy of the sun, the GreenAmp Solar Geyser is designed to save more than 30% of your total water heating costs, slashing your household electricity bill dramatically.

What are the benefits of a solar geyser?
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Household electricity cost savings
  • The solar geyser enhances property value
  • Solar geyesers reduce local electricity demand
  • For use as a High Pressure or Low Pressure Unit
  • DIY friendly installation
  • Very, very low maintenance
  • The solar geyser can be used as a pre-heater to existing electrical or gas geysers or the solar geyser can be used as a stand-alone solar geyser

How does solar heating work?

The tank is placed on the roof, facing north on a slant of 20 degrees -30 degrees.  In the case of a flat roof, a stand will have to be installed.

Radiation from the sun heats the surface of the tank, which in turn transfers the heat to the water inside the tank.

The heated water which is now less dense than the cold water automatically moves to the top of the tank by a process known as thermosiphoning. This process continues for most of the day, heating the water in the tank.

When a hot water tap in the home is opened, hot water from the solar geyserr is extracted from the top of the tank.  Simultaneously, cold water is fed into the bottom of the tank to replace the extracted hot water.

Technical Specifications

Water capacity 100 L 140 L
Length 1900mm 1900mm
Width 720mm 960mm
Height 185mm 185mm
Weight (Empty)
60kg 80kg
  • Able to withstand pressure of up to 800kPa
  • Primary heater or pre-heater application
  • Non Corrosive System
  • Thermosiphon principal with no moving parts
  • Modular system to suit your requirements

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Geysers

  • How is solar energy “clean”?
    - Energy from the sun is pollutant free with no use of carbon fuels.
  • How would I save costs?
    - By eliminating your water heating costs you can save more than 30% on your overall electricity bill.
  • Is there maintenance on the solar heater?
    - Other than keeping the transparent surface clean, no maintenance is required on the thermosiphon system.
  • Can a solar heater be installed on any roof?
    - Although a pitched roof is ideal, any north facing roof exposed to direct sun will suffice.
  • How hot is the water in the solar heater?
    - GreenAMP solar geysers are designed to heat water in the excess of 60C° in winter and in the excess of 80C° in summer times.
  • Will a hail storm damage the solar heater?
    - GreenAMP solar geysers are hail resistant.
  • What happens when it is cold or overcast?
    - The GreenAMP solar geyser heats water through energy from the sun’s radiation and not from direct sunlight.
  • What if I already have an electrical heater?
    - The GreenAMP solar geysers can be used as a pre-heater to your existing heater, further reducing water heating costs.

Service & Support

GreenAMP solar heaters support features include:
  • A 5 year warranty
  • A low maintenance system
  • A 20 year life time expectancy on the unit
  • SABS tested
  • ISO 9001 based production systems
  • Online support and technical assistance

GreenAMP solar geysers – designed and manufactured IN Africa, FOR Africa!

Keywords: Clean Energy, Electricity

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