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By: Grail Africa  11-11-2011
Keywords: Underwriting Agency, Underwriting Agencies, Grail

Specialist Systems

Grail develops specialist systems from time to time on an ad hoc bases. Grail operates such a system on behalf of Rand Merchant Bank Structured Insurance.

Insurance Broker System

Development work on the Insurance Broking System was completed in September 2002. The functions and features are the same as for Underwriting Agencies and Insurance Companies.

Insurance Company System

The system although built primarily for Underwriting Agencies has been successfully adapted for use by Insurance Companies. An Underwriting Agency is in essence an outsourced division of an Insurance Company. Therefore, the system also meets the needs and requirements of a typical Insurance Company as can be seen by the Functions & Features available in the system.

Underwriting Agency System

Grail has developed a system that meets the needs and requirements of Underwriting Agencies. The system incorporates a number of functions & features, which an Underwriting Agency requires to be able to run its business operations smoothly and effectively.

Keywords: Grail, Underwriting Agencies, Underwriting Agency