Borehole Solutions

By: Gess  11-11-2011

Saves Time and Money
gINT automates many repetitive tasks, eliminates redundant data entry and dramatically increases productivity. Enter data into gINT just once, and you’ll have the ability to generate multiple reports from the same data set. gINT also offers a broad range of import/export facilities. Our customers tell us that an investment in gINT is very quickly returned by their time savings.Easy To Use
New customers are generally up and running— producing reports—within an hour or two of receiving the program. You can even import your legacy data. Superior Features
gINT has unparalleled features that other software programs only dream about.
Here are just a few:

  • Stellar CAD support, with true vector graphics
  • Free use of all borehole-related data—not just strata—on your fence reports
  • Surfaces support, so you can extract any surface data for use in contouring and modelling programs
  • “Smart forms” that adjust themselves in response to the presence/absence of specific types of data. This means you can use one report form for multiple types of data, rather than having lots of different report forms for different situations.

Completely Flexible
gINT has the best reporting tools of any subsurface data management software package and can report data any way you wish, virtually without limitation.Highly Efficient
Dramatically expedite data entry, ensure consistency, and reduce data entry errors with gINT tools such as the ability to create required fields, default values, lookup lists and validation rules.

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