Xbox 360 Flashing/chipping/modding Customer FAQS

By: GAME JUNKIE   07-30-2013
Keywords: Will my Xbox Change, Xbox 360 flashing FAQs,

Xbox 360 Flashing / (Modding) / Chipping  Answered Questions

Now most of the time when dealing with peoples valued gadgets or like how i like to put it "Boys toys"  when flashing or chipping you get a lot of Frequently Asked Questions . I've compiled a list of questions most of my customers ask before bringing in their Xbox 360 i hope this will put everyone at ease about the flashing Process and just to remind everyone that's thinking or is considering Flashing their Xbox 360   "ITS WORTH YOUR MONEY IN THE LONG RUN"

1.First Question always asked by customers is the famous "Will my Xbox 360 Change?"
   now if u mean Change as in appearance , Dashboard, screws ,cover ,scratching ,broken etc
   the answer is "NO" your Xbox 360 will stay the same the only Thing the technician does is install
   custom firmware which is software based .
2.Second Question Is What is this firmware your taking about? "Will it delete my saves?"
   no this hack /repair mod has nothing to do with content saved in your consoles memory unit


Keywords: Will my Xbox Change, Xbox 360 flashing FAQs,