By: Future Billionairing Investment Group  07-08-2016
Keywords: Coaching, Mentoring, entrepreneur development

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Bad leadership does not start when the person achieved the position. It starts from the company is still small. Every person on earth have the natural desire for power, if they tell you other wise they are laying. Some leaders will give up money for power, ex. some government positions does not offer that much money but the power the position gives is attractive. Power does not corrupt, power only reveals the corruption. We believe that leaders needs to be developed in order to handle the position. EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT About 75% of businesses do not utilize their staff potential not because of a lack of skills or intelligence quotient (IQ) but a lack of emotional intelligence (EI). We help entrepreneurs develop their emotional intelligence (EI) in order to equip the people under them. SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT Spirituality plays a big part in what a person believe of himself. We focus on spiritual development based on Christian principals. Spiritual growth is a process of shedding away with the old concepts, thoughts, beliefs and ideas, and becoming more conscious. The process involves getting to know your destiny and identity to get away from the egotistic personality and pride. PHISICAL DEVELOPMENT You do so much better if you look good and feel good about yourself. We focus on physical development as well keeping an healthy and fit lifestyle. Having a healthy lifestyle also allows the entrepreneur to have more energy and be more productive. A lifestyle change we hope that will be handed down to the staff creating a healthy culture. MENTAL DEVELOPMENT The way we see our self forms the mentality we have. In Africa race have played a big part in forming the mentality and mindset of people. Ever thought why you do the things you do or have the things you have ? SKILLS DEVELOPMENT Equipping you with the necessary skills in order to achieve what you were called for. Most only focus on skills development they develop the skill instead of the entrepreneur. We don’t tend to focus on the entrepreneurs weakness and develop that but develop their strength.

Keywords: Coaching, entrepreneur development, Mentoring

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