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By: Face Technologies  11-11-2011
Keywords: Card Technology

Identification solutions

Face provides solutions that extend from a single stand-alone identification (ID) system to large integrated national ID systems. We at Face are biometric experts and we, therefore, incorporate biometrics in the ID solutions we offer. This ensures secure, credible and true identification of groups of people, whether they be citizens or employees.

Face is not restricted with regard to card technology and can provide a range of card products, from laminated paper cards to PVC and other state-of-the-art materials, including smart cards.

Electoral solutions

Face has vast expertise in designing, developing and implementing customised, integrated election and voters’ registration solutions internationally. We offer a single, comprehensive solution for hosting local and national elections in their entirety. Our efficient Face project management team will ensure quality of work according to predetermined requirements and will see to it that targets are met in terms of deliverables, timing and cost. Through consultation, planning and design, Face will support your government in the process of identifying its requirements and defining system specifications.

Driving licences

Face has developed a core solution for driving licences, which is customised to meet the client’s local legislation requirements, as well as other unique requirements. To date, this solution has been adopted by several countries. The major benefits of our secure card are that it is impossible to reproduce without special equipment, it has visible security features to facilitate a quick visual check, and it contains invisible and/or confidential security features for a second-level check.

Motor vehicle registration

Apart from using this solution to register motor vehicles, it is also used, amongst others, for the purpose of issuing registration plates and motor vehicle permits, deregistration of motor vehicles, change of vehicle particulars, change of ownership of a motor vehicle, financial information and accountability, transaction auditing and management information reports.

Immigration – passport and border controlFace’s immigration solution includes the issuing passports and e-passports. The solution is a decentralised passport application process, whereas the production could be centralised or decentralised. The border control solution is used at the country’s border post to monitor and control citizen and non-citizen movement across the border. This solution can also interface with national ID, watch lists and police systems.

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Cash payment

Face has extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing integrated mobile cash payment systems for social security welfare purposes. This solution includes the creation of a secure database, as well as the personalisation and issuing of smart cards. The cash payment solution ensures fast, efficient payments to large groups of people. Payments are made on-site and reconciliation of all payments is made electronically after payment days.

Face has developed a host of products that can be easily included in our solutions above, or be provided separately. These products are customised to meet each client’s individual requirements.

Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)

The AFISpackage comprises all aspects required for setting up complex identification applications, such as a high-speed matching engine, fingerprint search-database management and client-server architecture. The AFIShas a scalable architecture, allowing the matching server component to be installed on several matching computers to distribute the workload and increase matching speed. Therefore, the AFIS can search large-scale databases ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of fingerprints.

Unlike other more costly AFIS systems, Face’s AFIS runs on standard PC hardware and is easy to set up. The matching server can be installed either on one computer or on several computers, facilitating workload distribution and increased matching speed.

Mobile Registration Station (MRS)

The mobile registration station (MRS) is used for the capturing or verification of citizens’/voters’ information for registration purposes.  The station is fully mobile and has its own built-in batteries providing power for up to 12 hours of operation, without the need for mains power. The customisable MRS allows for the capturing of data such as photo, fingerprints, signature and text data, using customised software. The MRS is built into a ruggedised, lockable IP67 carry case.

Solar Power Kit

The ruggedised solar panel uses solar energy to charge internal batteries that are used to charge the MRS batteries. The solar panel is designed to meet urban or rural conditions, and is custom-built to meet clients’ individual requirements. The panel folds up for easy transportation. The batteries and power management are built into a ruggedised, lockable IP67 carry case.

Card Production Facility (CPF)

The actual card printing technology is also customised to meet each individual client’s requirements. Card output can range from 100 per hour to >1500 cards per hour.

A secure card personalisation facility is established to ensure controlled entry to the facility. Computer hardware maintains the various processes, such as:

- Database management
- Card printing scheduling
- Card printing
- Quality assurance
- Card dispatch
- Technical support
- Reporting.

Live Capture Unit (LCU)

The LCU consists of a PC/notebook, mounted camera, lights, fingerprint reader, signature pad, printer and customised software,

The LCU software application is designed according to the functional specifications agreed on between Face and its client.

Electronic Payments

The electronic payment product suite comprises a range of electronic banking and electronic value added services which have been designed to complement traditional retail bank services, to provide banking services to the un-banked and to provided revenue earning opportunities to banks, merchants and retailers.
The electronic payment software has been developed in-house and is, therefore, easily customised to meet clients’ specific requirements and to ensure speed to market.

The products include:

- Electronic disbursing of prepaid utilities such as GSM airtime, water, electricity
- Bill payments
- Mobile payments
- Money transfers
- Fleet management
- Cash-back at point of sale
- Salary cards for unbanked employees
- Loyalty cards
- Electronic gift vouchers
- Independently-operated ATMs and kiosks.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology makes use of digital maps to support various kinds of analysis and reporting.

When linked to data such as population counts, road conditions, river depth and width, rainfall statistics, conflict points and airport data amongst others, it is possible to analyse this data using mathematical and statistical methods to accurately plan and predict possible outcomes. It is also able to capture various spatially orientated real-world data and represent this data as points, lines and polygons.

The main advantage of GIS is the powerful visual reporting capabilities it offers. Reporting could be in the format of digital and paper maps, charts, summaries and reports. Examples of the reports that could be created are the following:

- Number of registrations per specific region
- Number of persons per square metre for districts
- Establishing the number of drivers in a region
- Number of pupils per school.

Customised plastic enclosure solutions

Face Technologies provides end-to-end customised solutions which include customised IT mobile registration stations. These enrolment stations require rapid prototyping for the plastic enclosures. We at Face Technologies understand the requirements for customised rapid prototyping and are able to provide excellent solutions irrespective of the quantity required.

Keywords: Card Technology

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