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By: Emobile  11-11-2011
Keywords: Cell phone, International Phone, Mobile Communications

International travel – be it business or pleasure – has one big drawback. It is both expensive and difficult to stay in touch with home.  The roaming fees can exceed your airfare. And it is complicated and expensive for your family or business associates to stay in touch with you. 

eMobileRoaming is taking the difficulty and anxiety away from international cell phone usage with the eMobileRoaming World Phone and World SIM card.    

eMobileRoaming supplies phones and SIM cards that can be used around the world at a fraction of the cost of regular roaming rates. We do not replace your existing mobile communications provider, but rather complement your existing program with a cost savings roaming solution. 

Why choose the eMobileRoaming low cost Roaming Solution?

  • eMobileRoaming has negotiated volume discounts with network providers around the world to provide low cost, high quality international phone service in over 200 countries and regions…all from one World Phone or SIM card.

  • In addition, our Seamless Call-Connect™ routes all outbound calls in a unique way to avoid excessive roaming charges. A call is placed in the normal manner and then within seconds there is a ring which signals that a connection has been made. 

Which product is right for me?

All eMobileRoaming packages includes a World Phone and a eMobileRoaming World SIM card.

If you currently have an unlocked GSM mobile phone (triband or quadband), then all you need to purchase is a eMobileRoaming World SIM Card.

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