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By: Designmind  11-11-2011
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SmartGlass: The magic of glass with high performance functionality

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Glass SA's SmartGlass solutions offer designers all the unique benefits of a transparent material with strength, colour, texture and energy and sound management functionality added. Choose the performance that you want from the SmartGlass range of glass products to create distinctive, light-filled and colorful structures, facades' cladding, shopfronts,partitions surfaces and furniture. If you imagine it, we'll help create it.

Basic Glass solutions


DecorVue® is a patterned glass product that obscures a view without noticeable loss of natural or Safety and security and solutions

ArmourLam™ combines the strength and safety of Armourplate toughened glass with the security, solar

Energy and sound management solutions.

CoolVue® glass meets the growing demand for natural day lighting and building transparency, without the heat gain associated with 

InsulVue® double glazed units are manufactured from two or more panes of glass held apart by a metal spacer and bonded with a primary and 

Solarshield®  makes it possible to create attractive buildings with highly efficient solar 

Soundprufe™ laminated safety glass is manufactured with a special vinyl interlayer that offers better sound control than 

Decorative solutions

CladArt® is a coloured enamelled, toughened glass suitable for structural and safety glazing. .
ColourVue™ laminated glass products are made from various combinations of clear and tinted glasses and PVB

DecorLam™ range combines the obscuration and decorative properties of DecorVue patterned glass with the safety, security, UV Graphix 

Specialised glass solutions. ClearShield™ is a unique system for the 

PrivacyGlass™ is a a smart way to turn open space into private space when needed. Switch it on and you'll see right through it. Turn it off and it PYRAN® is a fire resistant glass made of borosilicate. The SUNERGY® combines solar control functionality with thermal insulation. The product offers designers the benefits ofneutrality and low reflection. The product is available in a 

Keywords: Glass