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By: Dankorama  01-21-2017
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It's the feeling you get, the type of feeling that only a true Warthog hunter would understand. The feeling that cause time to stand still and the only thing on earth that matter is you, your rifle and the illusive 13" Trophy Warthog. Warthog FEVER! Warthog hunting in Africa is the most challenging hunt and once you get a taste of it you just want more. I am not talking about the warthog who walked in front of your rifle while you were sitting on the back of the 'bakkie' busy hunting plains game. No! I am talking about a personal battle between a warthog hunter and a once in a lifetime 13" trophy Warthog. As a successful warthog hunter I will provide subscribers with my 10 Steps to warthog hunting Article. These steps allowed me to master warthog hunting in Africa. All hunters around the world dream of the day when they finally manage to successfully hunt there trophy warthog. This dream will only be achieved by a handful of warthog hunters in there life time. The hormone method will assist all trophy hunters with accomplishing their dream. Please be advised that this method is considered as baiting because the hormone lures the targeted trophy animal to a certain area. Therefore please insure that the right procedure is followed with nature conservation in your area with obtaining the necessary permits for the trophy hunt. With this method a previously hunted warthog boar will be used. This method can be used for all animals that are territorial in nature. All that is needed is to remove the genitalia from a previously hunted warthog boar or other male of the certain targeted species. The genitalia or testes of the warthog contains hormones which one thereof is testosterone. The genitalia is then placed at the desired location where the hunter anticipate the existence of a trophy warthog or trophy of that certain targeted species. After the genitalia is placed the dominant targeted warthog will smell the scent and interpret it as an invader on its territory. Immediately after the scent is picked up the trophy warthog will move to where the hormones are placed. Therefore place the genitalia at your hide or tree stand preferably in a tree to allow the wind to carry the scent further and the sun from drying the warthog testes out. The targeted trophy warthog will now place its scent at the area where this previously hunted warthog boar's hormone is placed. All that need to be done is to continue this warthog hunting hormone method until your trophy warthog smell the scent and moves in to mark his territory.

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