By: Corocam  11-11-2011


10 June 2011

New presentations available to dealers.

CoroCAM 6D product introduction

Corona Formation

Factors Affecting Corona UVc Signal Strength

Other documents available:
Inspection report template for Corona, Visible and Thermal imaging in (MS Word) and (Open Document) formats.

30 May 2011

Eskom, the South African power utility, has released the latest book in their Power series entitled "Corona in transmission systems - Theory, Design and Performance".

There are 8 other books in the series that may be of interest to HV Power professionals.

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UViRCO | Products | Overview

Solar blind camera system allow you to work in daylight, for indoor and night time use, non solar blind cameras will be useable. UViRCO manaufactures a variety of solar blind and non solar blind handheld UV camera systems to meet market requirements. The core units used in the handheld systems can be used in custom systems available from our system integrators.