transformer oil processing plant/ insulating oil purificaiton machine / vacuum dehydration

By: Clean Oil Purification Systems  06-04-2013
Keywords: Transformer Oil, Oil Purification, Engine Oil

The insulating oil purifying system is meant for the regeneration of aged oil in transformers. The aged oil may contain moisture, dissolved gases or air, dust, carbon product due to arcing, rust from drum. These impurities not only reduce the di-electric strength but also induce a considerable ageing of the insulators. The oil purifying system will purify, dry and de-aerate oil so that dielectric strength and insulating properties of oil is restored. Purifier can also be used for oil transfer from transformer to oil storage tank and vice versa. The vacuum filter unit can also be used for transformer evacuation. The system consists of Mobile Insulating Oil Purifying plant: This is filtration and vacuum dehydration type purifying plant. Unit shall consist of oil transfer pump, thermostatically controlled heaters, filtration section, vacuum pumps, discharge pump, degassing system, thermometers, pressure / vacuum gauges, flow meter, valves, piping, control panel with required instrumentation and auxiliaries as per standard design of manufacturer for specified oil qualities. Our transformer oil treatment plants use vacuum dehydration technology, they are suitable for preparation of new insulating oil and purification of used oils for reuse. Who might need this machine? 1. Transformer and capacitor manufacturers 2. Transformer Service Companies 3. Transformer Owners

Keywords: Engine Oil, oil filter plant, Oil Purification, Transformer Oil, Transformer Oil Purifier,

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