Is your business save? Crypto-ransomware attacks to hit thousands of users.

Is your business save? Crypto-ransomware attacks to hit thousands of users. from CJN IT Solutions

By: CJN IT Solutions  08-23-2016
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Is your business save? Crypto-ransomware attacks to hit thousands of users. Don't be one of the victims. The number of users infected by ransomware is soaring, with the latest variants encrypting your files, rendering them inaccessible. It has become so widespread that it could easily be called an epidemic. What does this malware infection do, and how do you get the data back? So called “crypto-ransomware” tricks a user into executing a malicious file, mostly from a fraudulent email. Once the file is executed it downloads the malware in the background, then proceeds to encrypt the files on the computer, rendering them inaccessible. The decryption key can only be obtained by paying the criminals a substantial amount. Many times even after the ransom is paid an encryption key is never provided or does not work. Crypto-ransomware is one of the most dangerous types of malware ever created, and the consequences of it can be very severe to your organisation. You need to protect your company against this treat, by implementing regular backups, using a proven security solution and keeping your staff informed about current cybersecurity risks. Don't be one of the victims, make sure your data is secure and reliable. Choose CJN IT Solutions to assist you with your IT needs. This is why we are a leading IT support provider: We have been in the IT industry for over 13 years and have developed a unique support product for our clients, resulting in a near 100% retention rate for our contracted customers. * Unlimited onsite & remote support at a fixed monthly fee. * Enhanced productivity by ensuring IT systems functional at optimal levels. * Guaranteed same day response. * Fast turnaround times varying between 10 minutes to 4 hours. * Proactive system maintenance and problem prevention. * Test and store backups at our premises to prevent data loss. Backups are essential for any organization. Upon the infection of your company PC's, ransomware is likely to start encrypting files that are essential to the daily operation of a business. * We educate our customers since a ransomware infection happens due to a lack of knowledge about common cyber threats and the methods criminals use to infect their victims. * We implement reliable security solutions tailored to customer requirements. * We have knowledgeable staff with a wide variety of knowledge available working as a team to provide you with the best solution possible. Please contact me Sonja Nagel at if you are interested in an IT solution that is more cost-effective, efficient and reliable for your business. CJN IT Solutions - The smart choice.

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