By: Bluestar Diving  01-27-2011
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Bluestar Diving is one of few organisations that specialise in scuba parties for kids.

It is close to birthday time and you are wondering what to do to make your child’s birthday a special one. A scuba party is a great alternative the old traditional parties! 


Kids from 8 years old are introduced to scuba diving in a fun way by the husband and wife team, Joggie and Engela Verwey.  By having fun with their friends, kids learn some of the basics of scuba diving and the underwater world that covers most of our planet. Like any sport activity it does help to start early. The advantages in the acquiring of skills and building of confidence surely make this activity something to seriously consider.  

Starting out at scuba parties kids can go on to the junior diver phase and later on to the adult courses. The PADI Seal Team diving program is used as a base for the introductory training that is done for the diving by a qualified PADI instructor.  Strict supervision in a controlled area insures that safety is a priority. Kids will not be allowed to enter the water on their own using scuba equipment. Bluestar Diving uses scuba equipment that is made especially for children. Kids are comfortable using scuba equipment that fit them properly. Although cautious at first, the problem later on is to get them out of the water!  streamlined little divers can concentrate on the tasks set out for them to complete.

Tasks that they can do are swimming through hoops, assembling puzzle bits, collecting ``lost`` items and much more. All of this is done in a playful and exciting fashion. After a dive a diver is hungry, snacks and cool dinks are provided. At the end of the day each child will receive a certificate as a souvenir from the day.

For more information contact Joggie from Bluestar Diving at082 772 7601 or e-mail them at

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