By: Bebé Originals  11-11-2011

Bebé Originals joined forces with traditional African craft practices integrated by the Sizakele Craft Centre to develop a unique and exclusive bed linen range for babies and children. Timeworn fabric printing techniques have been applied by certain Swazi textile artisans for ages.

According to the Swazi artists’ legend, a man from West Africa – proficient in an ancient eastern batik printing technique - journeyed southwards to find a bride. The man made a beautiful piece of cloth adorned with different patterns. Each pattern had a unique meaning and together, they created a special letter of love. He travelled for years in search of the one who would understand the language of love on his patterned cloth. At last he found a beautiful woman in a Swazi community who understood the meaning of his secret symbols. He married her and so his skills were passed on to their children and following generations.In the year 2000, a textile designer who presented craft skills development programmes for the Tshwane University of Technology, became familiar with Swazi artists in Emgwenya who still practise this ancient colourfast printing method on cloth. Through love for their craft and a strong will to develop excellent products, the Sizakele Craft Centre came into life, aiming to utilise traditional African skills and techniques in advancement of marketable contemporary artefacts and goods.Each item differs slightly from the other, expressing the individual style of the artist. Each product is authentic and hand-made.
  • Painting techniques ensure proven colourfastness.

  • Designs on sheets, pillows and duvets are painted on 100% percale cotton.