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By: Balanced Living Fitness & Wellness Consultants  07-19-2011
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We offer a wide range of services to our clients, as every one is an individual and will have different needs.

One on One personal training:

A one on one personal training session, either at the gym or in the comfort of your own home. This includes a free assessment session, which are done at regular intervals to determine your progress. A personal, tailor made nutritional plan is also included in this option, specially designed by a dietician.

Partner training sessions:

Basically a personal training session for you and a friend. Many people prefer to exercise with a friend, as one is more motivated, and you have the support of a friend who won’t easily let you “take the day off”…. It is also loads of fun! This package is friendlier on the budget too. An individually tailored eating plan is designed for participants in this package as well. Assessments also included.

 Group training sessions:

3-8 participants in a session, doing circuit style training to zap those calories and build fitness levels. A package of sessions is purchased, and also included is the initial and follow up assessments as well as an eating plan.


Coming soon-we are waiting for the warmer Spring months! Keep an eye on this site for further details!!! (In Montana area)

Mom’s in Weighting:

Exercise, health and nutrition are extremely important for women who are trying to conceive, and who are already pregnant. Research indicates that when you are fit and healthy, you boost your chances of falling pregnant and carrying a health, full term baby. But as most mom’s to be know, you are uncertain of what you can and can’t do-in fear of harming your baby. We at Balanced Living offer that support, while assisting with a healthy eating plan and exercise routine. It is beneficial to try and exercise between 3-6 times per week, obviously the more days the better. But with your constantly changing body, you cannot maintain the exercise routine you had pre pregnancy.

Contact me today to discuss what your options are, we are always glad to help and answer questions where we can!

Only requirement is a doctor’s letter giving you clearance to exercise! Easy as that! There is no reason not to exercise if you are cleared, you will be doing yourself and your baby the world of good-giving your baby the best start in life!

Mommy Bootcamp:

Bootcamp stroller style for new moms! A great place to meet other moms, discuss any worries, or new milestones with each other and best of all-get health, fit and back into those pre-pregnancy jeans (maybe even a size or two smaller!)

All you will need is a stroller and your takkies! Bootcamp will start in the warmer spring months, details to follow (Montana area).


Our modern lifestyle often finds our children indoors, in front of the computer, TV or playing video games, gaining eight. This leads to bad posture, obesity and worst of all-teasing. Unfortunately this is a common phenomenon in the world today. Children learn from their parents. Make a difference in your child’s life today and give us a call. Our package will include initial and regular assessments, a tailor made eating plan by our dietician, and personal training sessions which will be fun and exciting. 


Should you only require an eating plan toe get you on the right track, we send you the assessments forms, which you fill in and return and a tailor made eating plan will be sent to you. You also have the option of also including assessments to this.

Online Personal Training:

As every individual differs; lifestyle, budget, preference etc., we have the option of online personal training. Various packages are available. You could get a nutritional plan and exercise plan in your package. From there on you can add on to it, i.e. assessments (Pretoria area only), one or more personal training sessions per month etc. For example, you could opt to take this package, with one personal training and assessment session per month. You will meet with me initially, where we will do the assessments, and I will explain the exercises to you, as well as your eating plan. We will meet at the start of every month so that I can run through your routines with you.

You will also receive online support, weekly newsletters and tips. Should you have any questions regarding anything in your programs, I am just a mouse click away!

12 week intensive programs:

Should you have a goal that you want to reach within 12 weeks, such as your wedding, a beach holiday or a personal goal, we set up a package for you. This includes assessments, eating plan, one on one session, regular contact to find out how you are doing, and 5 training sessions per week for 12 weeks.

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