By: Audio Branding Solutions  11-11-2011
Keywords: corporate video, Big Screen, Radio Television

Although the branding landscape is constantly evolving, traditional media channels are still relevant and effective in brand communication. Not much has changed when it comes to creating jingles or soundtracks for advertisements.

What has changed though, is the way in which traditional media channels interact with modern brand spaces, especially new media channels. The synergy can be very powerful as long as there is a UNIFIED AUDIO BRANDING STRATEGY that links audio identifiers across the diverse brand spaces.

The challenge is therefore to bring traditional sonic branding in line with new media and environmental brand audio.

Our definition

Traditional media channels (for purposes of our definition) include:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Big screen
  • AV presentations
  • Corporate video
  • Call-on-hold soundtracks

What we offer

Sonic signature creation

  • Audio logos
  • Signature soundtracks / corporate music
  • Ad hoc jingles, where brand signature soundtracks are inappropriate

Sonic branding workshops - traditional media

Traditional sonic branding elements like audio logos, corporate soundtracks and jingles need to be aligned to the overall corporate audio strategy. Our workshops guide clients through this process.

Some of the topics covered:

  • How modern brand spaces are affecting traditional media channels
  • Adapting existing signature sound elements to align it with the overall corporate audio strategy
  • Designing higly usable signature sound elements
  • Trend VS timeless

Keywords: Big Screen, Branding Elements, corporate video, Radio Television

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