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By: Audio Branding Solutions  11-11-2011

Without a carefully thought-out corporate audio strategy, using audio in the diverse modern brand spaces is really like shooting in the dark - and can often cause more harm than good.

We believe every company should have a corporate audio strategy - it doesn't have to be a complicated strategy either - just SOME strategy for using sound that makes sense in the modern world our brands find themselves in.

Our definition

A corporate audio strategy revolves around:

  • What audio (sounds, music, voice)
  • should be used in which medium
  • and how it should be implemented/deployed
  • to achieve the marketing and brand communication objectives
  • while staying true to the core brand values.

What we offer

We have to connect the dots - there is very little sense in having disparate audio events across diverse brand spaces. Without a strategy it's really brand cacophony.. - Louis Langerman

Consultation services

Brand strategy is a vast topic. We focus specifically on the audio part of a brand strategy and will often work with existing teams of brand experts.

Some of the consultation services we offer are:

  • defining new corporate audio strategies
  • analysing existing sonic branding for modern day relevance
  • adapting existing sonic branding for modern brand spaces

Sonic branding workshops - corporate audio strategy

Our workshops are designed to lead to some form of corporate audio strategy.

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Audio Branding Solutions - SONIC BRANDING WORKSHOPS

It's all about understanding modern brand spaces and what a business should sound like in these - identifying the relevance of sound in the different media channels and brand spaces to their businesses. Our ultimate goal is to design an effective corporate audio strategy - one which can be consistently applied across all media channels and brand spaces.


Audio Branding Solutions - SOUND DESIGN: NEW MEDIA

By using one way communication channels like presentations and information displays, WHEN and HOW sonic branding elements are presented can largely be controlled - similar to radio or television advertisements. New media channels present exciting possibilities for audio branding - it's all about finding a unique sound in brand spaces that are changing faster than most would dare to imagine.



The synergy can be very powerful as long as there is a UNIFIED AUDIO BRANDING STRATEGY that links audio identifiers across the diverse brand spaces. Traditional sonic branding elements like audio logos, corporate soundtracks and jingles need to be aligned to the overall corporate audio strategy. Although the branding landscape is constantly evolving, traditional media channels are still relevant and effective in brand communication.


Audio Branding Solutions - SERVICES OVERVIEW - services overview

Our sonic branding workshops are often the starting point - we facilitate clients in identifying the relevance of sound in the different media channels and brand spaces to their businesses and then integrate these into a corporate audio strategy.