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By: AssetLock  11-06-2010
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 Crime Problem

Crime is rampant in South Africa. It is a money driven industry worth billions of rands. Goods are stolen to be sold for financial gain. Privacy is invaded, lives are lost and security is breached in the process. One has to only look at the crime statistics of reported cases to have an idea as to what is happening in our country.

The big question has always been: How do we safeguard ourselves from this abuse? Should we install burglar proofing, alarms or pay for armed response? However none of the above effectively prevents potential crime. AssetLock has been formulated to specifically reduce the trade in stolen goods, which will then help reduce the crime surrounding it.

How AssetLock Helps

AssetLock functions like a credit bureau. Whereas credit bureaus put together profiles of individuals and business credit behaviour, AssetLock compiles a transactional history of your valuables. In the event of your valuables being stolen, listed items will have a higher chance of recovery.

Think of AssetLock as a storage database for your assets. You are able to create an inventory of your valuables. Then in the event of a burglary, you can blacklist the stolen items. Blacklisted items cannot be sold to the second hand goods industry. In addition, blacklisted items recovered by the SAPS can be returned to their rightful owner.

Even in the event of a burglary of which you are not yet aware or where you have not yet been able to blacklist items, SAPS and the second hand goods industry are still able to see that the person presenting an item for sale is not the rightful owner.

Why You Should Register Now

  •       Off-site inventory of your valuables accessible via your phone or PC
  •       AssetLock helps in completing accurate insurance claims in the event of a robbery
  •       You ensure a higher chance of recovery of stolen items
  •       You are assisting in the prevention of crime
  •       AssetLock has obtained the full support of the SAPS and the second hand goods Industry.
  •       Registering is quick and easy
  •       An AssetLock subscription is just R7/month for unlimited use
  •       No debit orders, your subscription is deducted monthly from your cellphone

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