By: Aquadam  11-11-2011
Keywords: Tanks, Storage Solutions, Reservoirs

Collectively, Aquadam’s owners and management team have more than 65 years experience in the design and manufacture of water containment structures.

Aquadam focusses on providing top quality tanks and reservoirs at affordable prices with outstanding service.

Because Aquadam is the only company in South Africa that designs and manufactures such a wide variety of steel tanks and concrete reservoirs, we are able to provide our clients with the right advice and the perfect storage solutions.

We first determine each client’s specific needs, and then recommend the correct tank or reservoir that will meet the client’s requirements, objectives and budget.

What sets us apart is the breadth of our offer, because at Aquadam we offer everything related to water storage solutions under one roof.

All our products are designed and manufactured locally which eliminates the lengthy waiting periods often involved with imported products. It also makes for more expedient repair work in the event of damage resulting from an “Act of God” because replacement parts are immediately available.

In addition, all our construction materials (e.g. sand, cement, steel) are locally sourced. We believe that local procurement, design and production is good for the South African economy.

Our ethical values prevent us from getting involved in unethical tender/price negotations.

Keywords: Reservoirs, Steel Tanks, Storage Solutions, Tanks, Tanks And Reservoirs, Water Storage